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you could, but i wouldn't recommend it at all!! From my experience just bumping it makes the inside bleed, let alone someone kicking a soccer ball at your face. Also soccer is a contact sport so if someone hits you with there elbow you are going to be in alot of pain. As a girl who has my nose pierced and has played soccer for 12 years i don not recommend it at all

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12y ago
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If it is hit hard enough then yes.

"If the soccer ball has great force and it hits your nose hard enough. Then the answer would be yes."

Dear person who wrote the first answer above,

I think that you need to Explain the answer to the person who asked the question. I have actually explained it for the person above.


Ms. Natalie

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Lisa Vaughn

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3y ago

yes you should be able to

i had a game and i did tell them

and i think one of them saw

and they didn't care

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Q: Can a soccer ball break your nose?
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