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When proceeding to first a runner can not retreat towards home nor can they come to a complete stop of forward motion. If they do either of these the the runner is to be called out without need of a tag on the runner or the base. This only applies to a runner between home and first.

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Q: Can a runner back up on the bases between home and first base?
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In baseball can a runner on second run back to first while the runner on first goes to second?

NO. Base runner's must run the bases in the order they batted. If a runner overtakes another runner, he is automatically out.

If a runner on first base decides to run but changes his mind and he is past the half way point between bases does he have to run to second or can he go back to first?

He can go back to first - few make it.

When do have to tag the runner?

Whenever there is no force play or you decide to tag him between bases. A force play is when the runner has to advance due to a runner behind him or batter. In this case he has to advance bases because if he stays there will be two people imon this base and the other person can't go back because if the same reason

If a runner is returning to a base to tag up after a fly ball and the outfielder's throw back to the base goes out of play how many bases is the runner awarded?

Two bases from the base the runner occupied at the time the wild throw was made.

Runner hits the ball and takes off to first and the first baseman grabs the ball and attempts to tag the runner but the runner takes a step back to home plate. Is the runner considered out?

No the runner is not out unless the first baseman tags him, the first baseman touches the bag before the runner there, or the runner steps out of the baseline. The runner could go back and forth on the base path for as long as he can stay safe. So simply, no the runner is not out yet.

Does a runner have to touch the bases on his way back after a fly out?

The runner has to go back to the base he started on before the play. If he is able to run to the next base after that, he can, but he must have his foot on the bag AFTER the catch is made. If he has run past any other bases, he has to run back around, no short-cutting.

When bases are loaded ball is hit on ground to first baseman who tags runner out then throws home all runners go back to previous bases are runners all safe?

Yes. If the first baseman tags out the batter on his way to first, the three existing runners can return to their original bases; none can be "forced out."

Does a runner from third score on a sac fly if a runner from first is thrown out trying to get back to first because he did not tag up and is the third out?


If the runner rounds first base and then wants to go back and the person with the ball tags the base is he out?

No, in that situation the person with the ball would have to tag the runner for the runner to be out.

What is the ruling where the runner interferes with a fielder trying to catch an Infield Fly Rule Pop-up?

The runner is also out and the ball is dead. All runners go back to previous bases.

Can a runner advancing to second on a force play safely return to first prior to being tagged out if the batter runner was put out first?

Yes. Once the runner that just batted is tagged out there is no longer a force out for the runner advancing to second. Therefore he can continue to second or go back to first.

What is the rule in asa softball if a runner tags base before the flyball is caught?

The runner has to run back to first base before the ball is thrown to get her out. She has to tag back on first no matter if the ball was caught before she tagged second base or not. She has to tag back at first to be able to run to second or she will most likely be out.

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