Can a power forward be short?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Offcourse, look at Charles Barkley! The guy is 6,3 with no shoes on. And as far as i know Ruben Patterson sometimes plays pf as well. Dennis Rodman isn't that tall either, compared to other pf's. Larry Johnson, wasn't that tall, compared to other pf's. Nowadays, I think Maxiel (Pistons) is not that tall for a power forward.

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no bcause ray Allen is 6'5" and he is a shooting guard

well Charles Barkley is a 6'6'' power forward and he is pretty tank

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Q: Can a power forward be short?
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Is Tyler Hansbrough a small forward or power forward?

a power forward

Was Larry bird a power forward or a small forward?

Small forward

Is a power forward a 4 or 5 in basketball?

power forward is 4, center is 5

What team did dirk nowitzki play for now?

Small Forward/Power Forward/Center

In basketball what forward's are faster power or small?

small forward's are usually faster but power forward's are more robust (have a lot of energy) and are power forward's sometime's are taller please check out the discussion for further info:

What position did Antoine walker play?

Power Forward/Small Forward

Is Terrence Jones a power forward?

No. Terrence Jones is a small forward.

What are the 5 positions on a basketball team?

Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Small Forward, Power Forward, Center

What is the Job of a forward?

the job of a forward is to shot that would be the small forward and the power forward would be to shot inside or to create space

Is Kevin durant a shooting guard?

No. He is a small forward, and can play power forward.

Who is a power forward?

a person in baskateball

What do a power forward do in basketball?

it dies in