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On defense, a courtesy runner can sub for any position they want the next half inning thy play (if the coach wants) or just come out of the game. They can't, however, sub in again as a courtesy runner, and if taken out of the game from pinch running (not DH or playing a defensive position) they can't come back into the game.

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Q: Can a player who has entered the game as a courtesy runner only later sub in for another player?
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How often can a courtesy runner be used in an inning?

Courtesy runners are handled differently from one sanctioning body to another. Typically you can have a courtesy runner for the pitcher and the catcher each time they get on base. If you are seeing the same "courtesy runner" multiple times in one inning for anyone on base then you are likely seeing a base bandit not a courtesy runner.

Can a pitcher reenter a game if he is pinched ran for?

In fastpitch softball, any player removed from the game and substituted by another player is allowed on re-entry. Some sanctioning bodies also allow for a courtesy runner for the pitcher and the catcher. Using a courtesy runner does not follow the substitution rule. In baseball, any player removed from the game is out. Period. No re-entry allowed.

Who is credited with scoring a run when using a courtesy runner?

The courtesy runner is credited with scoring the run.

In ASA softball can you be a courtesy runner and then a pinch runner for someone else?


If the catcher is on third base with no outs can the coach replace him with another runner?

A courtesy runner is typically used for the pitcher or catcher, especially in games on a time limit.

If a courtesy runner is on base when their turn at bat comes is she out?

A courtesy runner should never be on base if she has a spot in the line-up. A courtesy runner is supposed to be a girl who is not playing in the game at all. If you are playing with a continuous line-up, then the courtesy runner should be the girl who made the last out, or the least likely girl to get up in the same inning. This makes it so their situation will not happen.

Can you let another player run for you in baseball?

Yes. The substitute runner is called the "pinch runner".

When a base runner passes another runner he is out what happens to the runner he passed Is he out or continues to run to the next base?

The player who passed another on the base paths is out, the runner that was passed can continue to run to the next base.

Can a courtesy runner steal a base?

Yes, courtesy runners are put in strategically for stealing bases, or having a better chance to score on any hit.

Is a base runner out if he passes another base runner?


In softball how can a runner be out?

The batter is out, if they hit a ball in the air and a defensive player catches the ball before it touches the ground, in fair or foul territory. If a defensive player has the ball in control and touches a base before the runner, the runner is out. If a defensive player has the ball in control and touches the runner with the ball in their hand or glove, the runner is out.

When a base runner passes another is play dead?

no, the runner that was passed is declared out