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In Little League, yes. In high school, college, and the major leagues, no.

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Q: Can a player that is being hit for reenter the game after he is taken out?
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Once the DH is taken out of the game can he reenter?


Can a substituted goaltender reenter the game in hockey?

yes a goalie can reenter a game after being substituted for.

Can a player return to soccer game?

No. Once a player is substituted for, they may not reenter.

In the major leagues can a relief pitcher go back in to the game once he has been taken out?

No. Once a player has been removed from the game, regardless of who it is, they may not reenter the game under any circumstance.

Can a professional baseball player reenter the game if he is pitch ran for?

No. Once a player is removed from the game for any reason, he may not re-enter the game.

Fastpitch softball reentry rules?

A player can start, then be taken out, and then reenter the game once. Example: Player #5 starts Player #6 enters and #5 leaves the game Player #5 may reenter, but only for player #6 This pertains to batting only. The new DP/Flex rule allows the coach to have ten players that he or she may rotate around the field without making any substitutions, but only have nine bat in the order.

How do you reenter a game on Armagetron advanced?

There is not automatic reenter button, you have to go through the server list to find yours.

In the nfl Can starting quarterback return to game after being taken out for any reason other than equipment repair or injury?

Yes. Any player in the NFL can return to the game at any time after being taken out for any reason.

When can a high school player that has fouled out of a game reenter?

In any level of basketball, the player cannot return after fouling out. That is the point of the foul limit, which does not allow players to just foul without consequences. The player is only out for that game, however, and may play in any other game in the future.

If a player is taken out of a baseball game can they go back in?


How many times can a pitcher be used in a baseball game if there is a tie?

In MLB, once a player is taken out of the game the player may not return to the game. So a pitcher would not be allowed to return to the game once he is taken out.

What steps are being taken to protect them?

zoo or game preserve

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