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yes, as long as a missed freethrow doesnt result in live play

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Q: Can a player remain on the court if fouled out while a techinal foul is being shot?
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How many fouls is a player allowed before being fouled out?


What line does a player shoot from after being fouled in basketball?

freethrow line

When keeping stats for a basketball player would it be considered a missed field goal if a player is fouled in the act of shooting and miss the shoot attempt?

No. But if they make the shot while being fouled, that does count as a made shot. IF YOU ARE BLACK YOU SHOULD NO THIS

A chance to shoot after being fouled in basketball is called?

Free Throws

Is it good to be fouled out in basketball?

No. Being fouled out means you have done too many fouls (five is usually the limit), so you are not permited to play in that game any more.

If you get fouled at the three point line and make it what happens?

You have a chance for a 4 point play. You go to the free throw line and see if you can make the 1 free throw shot you are rewarded for being fouled and still being able to score the 3 pointer.

In basketball and 1 means?

you make a shot while being fouled and you go to the free throw line for 1.

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How many points can you score with a free throw?

You can score up to three points at the line. If you're fouled at the three-point line you go to the line for three. But if you're fouled at the three-point line and score while being fouled, they give you three points and you go to the line for one more making a "four-point play".

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yes it is

What is the definition of place kick?

It is a kick taken from the ground when the ball is still. It would be as a result of a free kick being awarded to a team after the other team has done something wrong, like fouled the player or some other technical error.

Do you get an assist on an and one?

Yes, if they made the shot while being fouled then you get the assist. The result is the same as if your teammate made the shot without a foul.

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1. Helping another player get up after being fouled; 2. Kicking the ball out of play when an opponent is injured; 3. Returning the ball to the other team after they have kicked the ball out of play when an opponenet is injured; 4. Make sure opponent is alright

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When are free throws awarded in basketball?

You receive a free throw when someone fouls you on a shot attempt. You will receive two free throws if you attempted a two point field goal, three for a three point field goal, and if you make the shot while being fouled (two or three), you will get one free throw. If a team has 4 team fouls (four fouls committed total by one team in one quarter), a player will shoot two free throws when fouled when they are not shooting. One player is chosen to shoot a free throw when a technical foul is given, which usually results from unsportsmanlike conduct.

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