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its possible but could someone really make that many shots in a row

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Q: Can a player never come down court and not play defense and get all the points on offences?
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What court do minor offences go to?

It depends on your country. In the UK: Minor criminal offences go to the magistrates court. Minor civil offences go to the county court. If you are not from the UK, re-ask the question giving your country.

What are the jurisdictions of magistrates court?

The Magistrates court has jurisdiction to hear all summary offences, hybrid offences ( also known as either way offences) that occur in their area of jurisdiction. Indictable offences are outside of the jurisdiction of the magistrates court are sent up to the local crown court as they have more sentancing powers than the Magistrates.

If a soldier was court martialled what did that involve?

A judicial court for trying members of the armed services accused of offences against military. That means a soldier is taken to court for offences against the military basically.

What court in UK handles civil offences?

County court and Magistrates Courts i believe.

What offences are punishable in a court of law?

Those which are prohibited by legislation.

What types of offences does the magistrates court deal with?

:>L M

What are five subdivisions of the Provincial Court of Canada?

1. Young Offenders 2. Civil Law 3. Family Court 4. Provincial Offences (summary) 5. Federal Offences (Criminal Code, statutes, regulations, some indictable offences)

What is the difference between a 'zone defence' and a 'player to player'?

A zone defense is when you are designated a spot on the court and you guard that spot and all the players that are in your area of the court. A man to man defense is when everyone guards only one player from the other team and you stay with that player no matter where they go.

How many points is scored if a player shoots the ball from the half court line in a game?

3 points

How is basketball performed?

There is offense and defense. There are five players on the court at a time. The aim is to score as many points against the opposition.

Meaning of Zone defense?

In basketball, the two types of defense a team mostly plays are called man-to-man and zone. The man-to-man defense is where the responsibility of a player on defense is to guard a player on the offense. In the zone defense, the responsibility of the player on defense is to patrol a specific area, or zone, of the court. Click on the 'Zone Defense' link on this page to read an article to learn more.

What court deals with serious offences and has no jury?

Any court if you choose a bench trial instead of a trial by jury.,

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