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Providing the player is at no time offside, then yes.

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Q: Can a player leave the field of play then come on behind the goal a put the ball in the net?
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Can you be offsides on a corner kick?

No you cannot. In order for a player to be offside, that player has to be behind the ball and behind the 2nd to last defender. On a corner kick, there is no way to be behind the ball unless that player goes off of the field.

If 2 people are on a breakaway in soccer and one passes is it offsides?

If the player receiving the ball is behind, or level with, the penultimate (second from last) defender when the ball is played, there is no offside. If the player receiving the ball is behind, or level with, the ball at the moment is is played, there is also no offside infraction. But, if the player receiving the ball is ahead of both the ball and the penultimate defender, and is not on his own half of the field, then the offside infraction must be enforced.

What legacy did Lucille Ball leave behind?

absolutely nothing.

How do leave your soccer ball on the ground in the football field in Club Penguin?

to have your ball on your hand and then star dancing

Can a field player shield for the goalie?

Yes. As long as the field player is in possession range of the ball, the player can shield. However, if the player is not within possession range of the ball and tries to shield, he will be called for obstruction.

If ball hits opponent who is behind baseline who gets the point?

Player standing just behind baseline. Opponent's ball hits this player's foot. Who gets the point?

Where is the ball placed for a field goal?

7 yards behind the line of scrimmae

When a soccer ball is headed from one player to player two across the soccer field what is the projectile?

soccer ball, just did it

Speech for soccer?

cross=pass the ball across the net square=pass to your side down the line=pass down the field Keep!=the goalie has the ball man-on=a player on the opposing team is right behind you nutmag=the ball went in-between your legs foward=offensive player full-back= defensive player half-back= mid-field player subs=players that take your spot on the field to give you a break punt=a drop kick not sure what you mean by soccer speech, but there are some of the words we use.

What can a player be ruled offside for?

Being ahead of the defensive line and the ball, though if a player is ahead of the defensive line but behind the ball, they are not offside

What is the name of the player that throws the ball onto the football field?


What is the accuracy of a female kicking a soccer ball from the end of the soccer field to about half field?

The accuracy of a female (or any other player) kicking a soccer ball from the end line to about midfield will vary. It will vary from kick to kick if the same player takes two consecutive kicks. It will vary from player to player. It will also be affected by the ball and the field conditions (and that includes weather).

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