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Yes but the contact must only be incidental ( ie not part of the play) and must not affect the play. So a player touching the net while blocking, setting or attacking would be illegal. A playing brushing the net away from the play would not.

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Q: Can a player contact another player under the net in volleyball?
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Can you hit a volleyball twice in a row if you and another player contact the ball at the same time?

If both players actually touch the ball, then yes, normally you are allowed to touch it again immediately after. However, if the other person's arms are under you and don't actually contact the ball with you, you may not touch it again immediately afterwards.

Is contact under the net allowed in volleyball?

No, this would be a point for the other team. Example: you put your leg under the net, or fall and go on the other court.

What is the 14 and under volleyball net height for AAU volleyball?

Seven feet

How do you buy roshambo volleyball spandex?

If you want RoShamBo spandex, you can contact the company directly in Berkeley CA through their website (which is under construction) or via phone for information and ordering.

Are you ever allowed to go under the net in volleyball?


What are the different kind of service in volleyball and their function?

There is the over-hand serve and the under-handserve. The over-hand is when you hit the volleyball with your palm or fist over your head. The under-hand is when you hit the volleyball with your palm or fist under your head. The point of both of the serves are to get the ball over the net and in between the out lines.

White shirt in volleyball?

As Long As You Wear Something Under It!!!!!

Who is aiza maizo?

aiza maizo is the is the former captain of the ust lady tigressess volleyball team. she is currently playing volleyball under the Philippine air force team in the shaykey's v-league. she formerly won double mvp in shakey's v-league , she also won best spiker and best scorer during her ust volleyball life. she is considered as the most skillful and left-handed female volleyball player.

What kind of knee pads for volleyball is better Nike Under Armor or Mazuno?

Mizuno because that's the official volleyball brand.

Can a volleyball player play an out-of-bounds ball on the opponent's side by going under the net or by running outside the court to retrieve the ball?

No, because then you would be helping the other team.

Will a free hit be awarded if you interfere with another player's stick in hockey?

Yes, if that is the severest penalty available. Interfering with another player or their equipment is an offence under the rules.

Why is it important to have a setter on the court in volleyball?

The setters usually get the ball under control.