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Yes but it depends on how many fouls and the severity of the fouls

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Q: Can a player be ejected for the season for technical fouls?
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What happens when the basketball player commits 2 technical fouls?

He is ejected for a week or if in a tournament he is ejected for it all. However if a coach gets 2 technical fouls he shall be fired.

How many fouls can you have in basketball?

You can have six fouls or 2 technical fouls before being ejected from the game

Technical fouls in basketball?

on your second one, you are ejected from the game

How many technical fouls can a player receive?

If a player receives 7 technicals in the season/playoffs they are suspended. I believe if you commit two technicals in a game you get ejected and must leave and cannot participate in the game.

What is the NBA record for technical fouls in a season?

in 2010-2011 Dwight howard has the most number of technical fouls he has 16 technical fouls

What NBA player had the most technical fouls in the 2008-2009 season?

Dwight Howard

How many fouls does a basketball player have before they are eliminated from the game?

5 fouls - exception - two unsportsmanlike fouls will also get you ejected.

How many technical fouls can someone receive before they are ejected from a high school basketball game?


How many technical fouls allowed in one game?

In the NBA there's only two allowed per player/coach. If a player or coach get two technicals, they will be ejected (forced to leave) the game.

What NBA player has the most technical fouls?


How many technical fouls can a player have during playoffs?

A player can only receive 7 technical fouls in a playoff seris before they get suspended for one game.

How many fouls does a payer get until the player is ejected in basketball?

it is 6 dude/dudette

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