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Yes. A pitcher must make contact with the rubber but it may be a toe, a heel, or the entire foot.

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Q: Can a pitcher stand on the corner of the pitching rubber?
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What is the strip on the pitcher's mound where a pitcher must stand called?

pitching rubber

What is the strip on the pitchers mound where a pitcher must stand call?


What does H stand for in pitching stats?

number of hits given up by the pitcher

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Rule states.It is a Balk if you are on the rubber or straddling the rubber with out the ball .it is a balk . it has nothing in it that says you can`t be on the mound without possession of the ball .Correct me if I'm wrong .

Where can a pitcher stand in slow pitch?

the pitcher must keep her main foot on the rubber at all times, in minor league the mound is 35ft from home plate, in major league the mound is 40ft from homeplate

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