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Yes. A pitcher must make contact with the rubber but it may be a toe, a heel, or the entire foot.

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Yes, the pitcher has to be in contact with the rubber or if not the pitch will be illegal

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The pitcher must have both feet on the rubber when receiving her signals and one foot must be in contact with the rubber when the ball leaves the pitcher's hand.

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Q: Can a pitcher stand on the corner of the pitching rubber?
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Where can the pitcher stand for the hidden ball trick?

Rule states.It is a Balk if you are on the rubber or straddling the rubber with out the ball .it is a balk . it has nothing in it that says you can`t be on the mound without possession of the ball .Correct me if I'm wrong .

Where can a pitcher stand in slow pitch?

the pitcher must keep her main foot on the rubber at all times, in minor league the mound is 35ft from home plate, in major league the mound is 40ft from homeplate

Can the pitcher stand on the mound without the ball pretending to have the ball in an attempt to get a runner out?

No, this situation would result in a balk as the pitcher cannot 'pretend' to pitch in an attempt to deceive a baserunner. A fielder may hide the ball, like pretend to throw the ball back to the pitcher and then place the ball in his glove, in an attempt to get a runner to step off a base and tag him out ... this has been called the 'hidden ball trick'. But the pitcher may not step on the pitching rubber if the fielder is attempting this. The pitcher steps on the rubber when he is ready to pitch and he can't be ready to pitch if he is not in possession of the ball. If a baserunner waits until the pitcher is on the pitching rubber to take a lead off, he will never fall prey to the 'hidden ball trick'.

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