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only in halftime

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Q: Can a person take a break while playing soccer?
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What part of the brain controls playing soccer?

the parietal lobe is being used while playing soccer

What muscles are used while playing soccer?

your head

Can you wear sneakers while playing soccer?

You can but it will be slippery

What do you shoot in while playing the sport soccer?

You shoot a soccer ball in a goal net.

Can you tap a soccer ball while you are playing?

yes you can tap a ball when you are playing

What are the Body parts used while playing soccer?

Playing soccer you can use any part of your body but the hands and arms.

What components should be concentrated on while playing soccer?

the ball...

Is it possible to study for an important exam while playing soccer?

no way:)

How many calories do you burn an hour while playing soccer?

depends how hard you work and its football not soccer you yank

The type of exercise you get while playing soccer?

soccer is great cardiovascular exercise because it involves lots of running

What do they wear inside the soccer shorts while playing?

Normal underwear. Men's or women's depending on who is playing

Is it a must to Wear shin guards while playing soccer with adults?

Not in the slightest

What does the wink do in soccer?

If someone makes a 'wink' while playing soccer, it means that they are giving teammates a signal that they are about to fake a move.

What are the pros and cons of playing soccer profesionally?

The pros of playing soccer profesionally is that you get to play the sport that you love for a living. You also get to make great money while you are doing that.

What are you not allowed to use while playing soccer?

In soccer, you are not allowed to use your arms (unless you are the goalie) and in some cases, your head as well.

Why would you like to be a soccer player?

I would like to be a soccer player because I will make money while playing my favorite sport. ?@.<tQQtav>.@?

What is the highest score recorded while playing soccer?

American samoa-0/Australia-31

Is it illegal to wear glasses while playing soccer not in the professional leagues?

i dont think so

Why do you wear long socks while playing soccer?

Its to cover your shinpads and make sure that they dont move.

What is endurance in soccer?

Being able to alternatively sprint, jog, jump and walk without getting tired in a 90 minute period while playing soccer.

How long will it take a 70-kg individual to metabolize one 260-calorie serving of ice cream while playing soccer?

how long will it take a 70-kg individual to metabolize one 260-calorie serving of ice cream while playing soccer?

What did the brady bunch boys break while playing ball in the house?

Jan's nose.

What if a guy kicks something?

You are leaving way too much unsaid. He could be kicking a ball while playing soccer, or he could be kicking a person. You need to give a little more information.

Can you do ecstasy and play soccer?

For fun, yes...competitively, no. If you are on e, people will know you are on drugs. Trust me when I say that playing soccer is the last thing you will want to do while rolling!

How do you avoid injuries in soccer?

Stretching before practicing and playing is one of the primary things someone can do to try to avoid injuries while playing soccer. It is also important to wear quality and well-fitting protective gear.