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No, a pawn can only move diagonally when taking another piece on the board.

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Q: Can a pawn move diagonal on to the last row if there is nothing there?
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Can a pawn in checkers move backwards on a diagonal?


What chess pieces can only move on a diagonal when it wants to capture a piece from the other side?


How do you move a king in checkers?

In the game of checkers, a kinged pawn may be moved like a normal pawn, but can move in any direction, forwards or backwards, side to side, as long as the move is diagonal. ----InfoMac

Can a pawn attack on first move while moving two spaces?

No, pawns can only attack diagonally and their first move being two spaces forward is not diagonal.

Can a pawn become a queen on a diagonal capture or a forward capture or both?

Pawn's can't capture forward, only diagonal. Yes, a pawn that reaches the eighth rank will be promoted if it reached it by capturing another piece.

Is a fianchetto one or two moves?

Whilst of course to perform the move the knight's pawn must have moved, it is not important as to where it moves. The act of fianchettoing is to move the bishop in front of the knight and onto the long diagonal regardless of what the pawn has done. It is for that reason that I would argue a fianchetto is only one move; the bishop's move.

Can each pawn move two spaces on that pawn's first move?

A pawn may move forward either one or two spaces when making the pawn's first move.

How many steps can a pawn take in chess?

The first move for the pawn can be either one or two spaces forward. Pawns attack diagonal only forward and when they get to the other side they can turn into a queen, rook, knight, or bishop.

Can you move a pawn diagonally backwards and forwards to capture another player?

A pawn can only capture by moving forward on the diagonal or through en passant; otherwise it must move directly forward. Both moves are of one space only, except for the "breakout move" which can be of either one or two spaces.

Can a pawn move two spaces only on the very first move of the game or can each pawn move two on its first move?

Each individual pawn can move two spaces on its first move

How does a pawn piece attack?

The diagonal attack of a pawn is the only way a pawn can capture another chess piece besides 'En Passant' attack ~ see related link below .

Can a pawn attack backwards?

yes it may. A pawn can only move forward until taken or exchanged for another piece at the end row. It's defense is different than its offense, and it attacks diagonal to the square left ahead or right ahead and behind.

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