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Yes, a pitcher can pitch as many games as necessary, even if they are consecutive.

Remember, starting pitchers aren't the only ones who pitch. Many times relievers and closers can play many games in a row, but starting pitchers still can pitch consecutive games if it is necessary. If there is any reason for the starting pitcher to play in a second consecutive game, he will more than likely pitch in relief for one or two innings.

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Q: Can a mlb pitcher pitch consecutive games?
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What is the rule about the number of consecutive innings a pitcher can pitch?

In MLB, there is no rule about the number of consecutive innings a pitcher can pitch.

Can an Major League Baseball pitcher pitch consecutive games?

yes, there are no pitching restrictions in the mlb.

Which MLB pitcher threw 2 consecutive no-hitter games?

Johny Vander 1938

How many games does a starting pitcher rest?

MLB teams have a five man starting rotation. That means the starting pitcher will pitch a game and not pitch for the next four games.

Most consecutive road wins by a MLB pitcher in a season?

Denny McLain, who won 16 straight road games in 1968.

Which mets pitcher set the mlb record for consecutive losses by a starting pitcher?

Anthony Young: 27 Games, May 6, 1992 to July 24, 1993

What MLB pitcher has retired the most consecutive batters?

Mark buerle 45

What is the record for most consecutive outs for a pitcher in the mlb the longest perfict streak?

45 consecutive outs by Mark Buehrle in 2009

Who holds record for the oldest pitcher to pitch in the MLB?

Satchel Paige

What is the record in MLB for a pitcher throwing consecutive strikes to start a game?

Bartolommeo Colon threw 38 consecutive strikes on April 18, 2012.

After pitcher been relieved how long is the wait to pitch again?

For starting pitchers in MLB, that would be 4 games. Most MLB teams use a starting rotation of 5 pitchers. Each starting pitcher waits/rests arm while the other four take their turn. So, a starting pitcher in MLB would start every 1 in 5 games.

How many innings must a starting pitcher pitch in MLB to get the win?


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