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Yes. The goalkeeper may leave the penalty area at any time during play, but cannot touch the ball with his hands while outside of the area.

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2011-04-21 14:22:03
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Q: Can a keeper run up to the penalty box throw the ball forward leave the penalty area and kick it further?
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When can a player not leave the penality box after a goal is scored?

A player always has the option to leave the penalty area. There are sometimes consequences for doing so. For example, a goal keeper could be penalized for leaving the penalty area with the ball still in their hands.

Can a goalie dribble down field and score in soccer?

The goal keeper is just like any other player, they may leave their penalty area and may score a goal.

When a player receives a penalty and they score and they are scored on does the player leave penalty box?


What is the area of goal keeper?

The area within which a goalkeeper may usually legally handle the ball is called the penalty area, and measures 44 yards across and 18 yards deep. The goalkeeper may leave this area, but is treated like any other player while outside of the penalty area.

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When a goal keeper receives a blue card in soccer do they have to leave the game or does another player leave for them?

In soccer, there is no such thing as a blue card. However, indoor soccer (A similar by distinct sport) uses the blue card to indicate a time penalty for certain fouls. If the goalkeeper receives a blue card, another player will serve that time in their place.

Does a defensive free kick in the penalty box need to go out of the box?

Any free kick by the defense that is taken inside of the penalty area must leave the penalty area before it is in play. No player may touch it until it does so. If they do, or if it fails to leave the penalty area with it's initial momentum, the kick must be retaken.

What is a penalty goal in soccer?

A penalty kick is awarded for an infraction within the penalty area. When the kick is laid up the goalkeeper is not allowed to leave his/her line before the ball has been kicked.

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Can the goal keeper in soccer leave his box and kick the ball?

Yes, but he cannot use his/her hands.

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