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Q: Can a homeschooled kids in WV play high school sports?
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Can a kid play schools sports if he is homeschooled?

Kids can play sports when homeschooled but not with A school but with privet team.

Can high school kids get homeschooled?


Why don't very many kids play sports in high school?

Why dont kids play sports in high school?

Can homeschooled kids play sports in NY?

Well of course! Why couldn't they?

Are homeschooled children smarter than public school children?

Yes homeschooled kids get better grades

What school did Abigial Adams kids go to?

they were homeschooled by abigail herself

Can homeschooled kids be arrested for doing school work at night and not durning the day?


What school does famous kids go?

the usually r homeschooled or they have a private tutor

Do all kids get to go to school?

No, some kids don't get to go to school because they might be homeschooled or their family might not have enough money to send them to school.

Should steroid testing be mandatory for high school sports?

I believe that steroid testing should be mandatory for high school sports because if the students belive that you can do steroids and not get caught then what are we teaching the kids.

Are high school sports good for kids?

High school sports can provide many opportunities for a child such as acquiring physically fit body, developing character and skills and of course, having fun.

Who is normally in homeschooling?

Pretty much anyone can be homeschooled... but kids with overprotective parents are likely to be homeschooled. Children with learning disabilities. Kids who are bullied in school. And kids who have mothers (or fathers) who are willing to spend all day with their kid to teach them.

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