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Only if it denies an opponent an obvious goal-scoring opportunity.

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Q: Can a hand ball result in a red card for the player that touched the ball?
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Hand ball in football?

Hand ball is a foul called to a player who accidentally or intentionally touch the ball from the hands to the biceps of a football player. If the hand ball is intentional, the referee may give a card to the player who did it (yellow or red card). The only player that is allowed to touch the ball with any part of his body is the goal keeper.

What type of kick is awarded for a hand ball?

A direct free kick if handled outside the defender's penalty area. A penalty kick if handled inside the offender's penalty area. It can be considered misconduct also, under some circumstances.

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Can you block a punt in soccer?

A block is the act of legally stopping a defender from getting to the player in possession of the ball.Therefore if there is not a player in possession of the ball no one can be technically blocked.

Does a player have to say ten yards away when the goalkeeper has the ball in his hand?

No but if the player deliberately blocks the keeper from distributing the ball then a free kick will be awarded to the keeper, and the offending player will usually be given a yellow card for obstruction.

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Can you pass the ball on a penalty soccer?

A player may pass the ball to his own goalkeeper at any time. Subject to the terms of Law 12 , a player may pass the ball to his own goalkeeper using his head or chest or knee, etc. in the normal passage of play, and the goalkeeper may handle the ball. If, however, a player uses his feet to deliberately pass the ball to his own goalkeeper, and the goalkeeper handles the ball, an indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team from the place where the infringement occurred. If, in the opinion of the referee, a player uses a deliberate trick while the ball is in play in order to circumvent the Law, the player is guilty of unsporting behaviour. He is cautioned, shown the yellow card and an indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team from the place where the infringement occurred. This was a rule change in 1992.

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