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A goal keeper may take a corner kick.

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Q: Can a goalkeeper take a kick in the corner?
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Can a goalkeeper kick a penalty kick?

Yes, a goalkeeper can take penalties.

Would a corner kick be taken if the goalkeeper deflects a penalty kick over the crossbar?

yes, since the goal keeper is the defender, and he/she touched it last, it is a corner.

Can a forward be offside from a goalkeeper punt?

Yes. The only restart exceptions for offside are goal kick, throw in, and corner kick.

In soccer can a goalkeeper kick the ball from outside and pick it up by hands?

It depends on how the goalkeeper received it. If the goalkeeper received it from a deliberate kick or a throw-in by a team-mate, then no. Otherwise, yes.

Which person has the highest kick in football?

Answer : Goalkeeper

In soccer who can stop a penalty kick?

It has to be the goalkeeper.

Who can kick a penalty kick in soccer?

Anyone, even the goalkeeper (although this is risky as play resumes if you miss a penalty kick and the last thing you need is your goalkeeper at the wrong end).

When can't a goalkeeper take kick out from his hands?

A goal keeper can not do it when he is out side of the 18 yard line mark.

Who was the goalkeeper who died due to Pele's kick?

No one died to Pele's kick...

How do you take a corner kick?

If someone on the goalie's team kicks the ball on the goalie's line, the other team gets to take a corner kick on them. You go to the corner flag left or right of the opponent's goal and take a kick. Players (defense and offense) try to either block or shoot a goal.

Can a soccer goalie kick the ball and score more than once in the same game?

Yes a goalkeeper can kick the ball and score more then one goal into the other net. And he can score from corner kicks as well.

How do you shoot a soccer ball on a Penalty Kick?

You should keep the ball still and kick it with a intention of putting it in a corner of the net, the tip of the foot should be used, and not the top as it will go up then. You should decieve the goalkeeper by looking the wrong side you want to kick.

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