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If a goalie kicks the ball out, and it goes into the opposition's net, the goal stands.

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Q: Can a goalie shoot a goal?
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Can you run up to the goal and shoot at the goalie?

yup unless your offsides

How are shots on goal calculated?

If you shoot the puck and if the goalie was not in net at the time and it would go in then it is considered a goal if the goalie saves it but if he wasn't there and it would of missed it is not a shot.

Is foosball an olympic sport?

If you hit in to the opponents goal from the goalie it is 2 points. if you shoot from anything Else it is 1 point.

Where should a player's attempt at a goal cage be aimed in field hockey?

Corners. And if the goalie is in one corner, shoot for the other.

What is a goal made by a hockey goalie called?

A goal

Where does the goalie stand?

um. in the goal? haha. hense the term goalie.

Has a goalie ever scored a goal?

yes a goalie has scored a goal and that was Marty broduer of the new jersy devils

If a player that is not a goalie blocks a shot that was meant to be a goal is that considered a blocked shot or a shot on goal?

It is a blocked shot, not a shot on goal. To be counted as a shot on goal it has to be stopped by the goalie or a goal.

In hockey Who made the goal as a goalie?

The first Goalie to score a goal was Ron Hextall on December 8, 1987. If you don't count the Islander's goalie scoring on himself. EDIT: It has happened a few times. There are instances where the goalie did not shoot the puck into the net, but was the alst person to touch before the other team accidentally scored on themselves. Here is a list

Who can shoot at the goal in net ball?

The Goal Shooter and Goal Attack can shoot.

What positions in netball can shoot?

goal attack and goal shoot

Can a soccer goalie score a goal?

yes it can

Do Goal Defence need to shoot goal?

No all the shooting is left to the goal shoot and goal attack

What is the name a hockey goal?

If you are talking about when you score a goal it's just called a goal If you are talking about the keeper who blocks the net it's called a goalie or a goaltender If you are talking about where you are supposed to put the puck/shoot/defend it's called a net

How do you take a corner kick?

If someone on the goalie's team kicks the ball on the goalie's line, the other team gets to take a corner kick on them. You go to the corner flag left or right of the opponent's goal and take a kick. Players (defense and offense) try to either block or shoot a goal.

Puck get stuck in goalie pads and goalie slides over goal line?

well it's the same thing if the puck was in a goalie's glove and his glove went over the line. It's a goal.

What determines whether a goalie kicks or punts the ball?

If the ball goes wholly and completely over the goal line - but NOT in the goal - and is last touched by the attacking team - it is a goal kick from the 6 yard line. If the goalie catches the ball and controlls it off of the ground - then he can then throw or punt it - it is his choice!! And if the goalie accidentally throws or punts it into his own goal - it is NOT a goal - it is a corner kick - because goalie punts are indirect and must touch another player before going into ANY goal!!!! If the goalie punts it and it bounces off another player and THEN goes it his own goal - it is a goal!!!!!

What is a standup goalie?

A "Stand-up" Goalie refers to the style of goal-tending in which the goalie prefers to make saves standing when possible.

How is a shot on goal determined?

A shot on goal is determined when the puck hits the goalie anywhere or it goes in. You think "if there was no goalie there would the puck have gone in?" if you answered YES! then the shot was a shot on goal

When you try to score a goal in soccer?

you need to make a goal but watch out if somebody is with you then its offside it a free throw for the team and you should tr to make a goal when your alone and try to do it in the corner a goalie can almost never block from that place and if you shoot somewhere else then you could make a goal

Lacrosse goalie scores goal in his own crease?

In a game, the goalie can accidentally score on his or her own goal. If they try to stop a shot and it bounces off of them and goes fully past the goal line, then it does count as a goal for the opposing team. The goalie is also allowed to leave the crease and in some rare cases can actually go up and score in the other team's goalie.

Can a soccer goalie punt a goal?

Yes, this is allowed.

Does a goal count if a goalie made it?

Yes it does count!

Is the goalie for football allowed to leave the goal?


Sport equipment starting with g?

Goal, goalie, goal keeper, goal attack, goal defence, goal shooter, goal kicker.