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Yes. There is no scoring difference between a penalty shot during regulation time vs. a goal scored during active play.

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Q: Can a goal be scored from a penalty kick?
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Can the kicker score on a rebound on a penalty kick?

A goal may be scored directly from a corner kick.

What are the rules for stutter stepping on a penalty kick in soccer?

The kicker is allowed to take a stutter step in the run-up to the ball. Not stop entirely, however. Once the ball is reached, the kick must proceed. No delay, no stutter, no stopping. The consequence is to wait and see if the goal is scored, issue a caution to the kicker, and: If a goal was scored, the penalty kick must be retaken. If a goal was not scored, the defense restarts with an Indirect Free Kick from the penalty mark.

Can you kick a soccer ball into the goal and score after the goalie deflects it on a penalty kick?

If by goal box you mean goal area, a box 6 yards from the goal. Then Yes, a goal may be scored within the box. EXCEPT: A goal cannot be scored on yourself from a goal kick or free kick awarded with in the your own goal area. If the ball is kicked from a goal kick or free kick awared with in your own goal area and enters your own goal the proper restart is a goal kick as the ball must leave the pentaly area to be in play. FIFA Laws of the Game.

How do you restart a basketball game when a goal is scored?

Kick-off Direct free kick Indirect free kick Penalty kick Corner kick Goal kick Throw-in Drop ball

Who got the last penalty kick goal for Italy in the 2006 world cup finals?

The winning penalty was scored by Fabio Grosso, the Italy left back

When a goal kick from a goal keeper enters the pools is it a goal?

A goal may be scored directly from a goal kick, but only against the opponents. An own-goal cannot be scored directly from a goal kick.

Who should retake a penalty kick in soccer?

No. A different player may be elected to retake a penalty kick. An exception would be penalty kicks from the mark (after overtimes). No kicker may repeat until all his teammates have already kicked that round.

How far away from the goal is a penalty kick taken?

A goal kick is a direct free-kick awarded to the defending team. It is awarded when a player from the attacking team causes the ball to cross the goal line and a goal is not awarded (for example, because the ball went wide of the goal, or a the ball crossed to goal line as a result of an indirect free-kick). A goal-kick is taken by the goalkeeper or any defending player placing the ball in his own goal area (six yard box) and hoofing the ball upfield. Technically a hoof is not compulsory, but the fast majority of goal-kicks are hoofed upfield. All members of the attacking team must leave the penalty area until the ball has left the penalty area following a goal kick. The ball must leave the penalty directly from the kick. If the kicker fails to kick the ball outside the penalty area, the kick is retaken. A goal can be scored from a goal kick, because a goal can be scored from a direct free-kick. An own-goal cannot be scored from a goal kick, because an own-goal cannot be scored from a direct free-kick. A goal kick is called a goal kick because it is taken from the goal area (six yard box). A player cannot be offside from a goal kick.

Can you score from behind half in soccer?

Yes. You can score from anywhere on the field at any time except from a throw-in or an indirect free kick. Also, you cannot score an own-goal directly from a kick-off, goal kick, corner kick, free kick, or penalty kick.

When is a goal kick scored?

when i fart

Who scored the first direct goal from a corner kick?

The first such goal was scored by Billy Alston.

Who was in goal when Rooney scored his overhead kick?

joe heart was in goal for rooneys overhead kick