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In some sports there are fewer girls competing for scholarships than in other sports. So, yes in that respect it is easier. For instance, often times, Golf scholarships go unclaimed. However, in other sports such as Basketball the competition is quite substantial. It also depends on what division you want to compete.

There is a free site that offers FREE information for athletic scholarships for girls and boys...

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yes they can

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Q: Can a girl get a football scholarship?
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How can you get a scholarship for college football?

be good at football

If you play football you get into college?

If if you have a scholarship

What are some of the sports in which you can get a scholarship from Harvard?

"Football is a very good sport to be in to try and get a scholarship. Also, you can try and get a scholarship in hockey, baseball, basketball and la crosse."

A actor who went to college on a football scholarship?

Burt Reynolds.

Can you get a football scholarship at University of Virginia?

Only if you are good, and if you have to ask, you can't.

How does gump pay for college?

Forrest paid for college with a football scholarship.

Who is pinder nijjar?

he is a stunning footballer, who went to America on a football scholarship!

Do college football players ever get cut?

college football players do not get cut, in a way they are students of the university or college but they can be suspended indefinetly. they can also have their scholarship revoked or taken away. for example if a player is offered a divisoin 1 full ride scholarship and plays a game of pick up football with his friends and gets hurt. the university has the right to take that scholarship from that player.

What if you can't afford to go to college but love playing football?

You could try out for a football scholarship (only if your in high school).

How do you make the college football team?

get a scholarship. True or you can just go to college and sign up for football. You will have to pay for your spot but its a way

What football position did James Trafficant play at Pitt?

Traficant was a high school quarterback and was awarded a football scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh.

How many NCAA Division 1 football players were there in 2005?

In Division 1a, 119 times approximately 125 (85 scholarship/balance non-scholarship) = 14,875.