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They cannot... against the rules... otherwise everyone would do it to stop from fumbling while running

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Q: Can a football player hind the ball under there shirt?
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If in football a player catches the ball in his shirt is this allowed?


When an offensive player drops the football that is called?

When a football player drops the ball, it is called a fumble if he had possesion of the ball, or an incomplete pass if a receiver fails to catch the ball.

What is trapping in football?

The technique of trapping in Football (Soccer) is when a player makes contact with a ball in motion and minimizes or negates the motion of the ball so that the player has comeplete control of the ball.

How do you player of football player?

The goal of football is to move the ball down the field and into the end zone for a touchdown.

Can a pro football player get fined for giving a football to a fan?

They get charged for the ball 250$..

What does it take to be a professional football player?

Skills and to pass the ball,DON'T be a ball hogger!

Hand ball in football?

Hand ball is a foul called to a player who accidentally or intentionally touch the ball from the hands to the biceps of a football player. If the hand ball is intentional, the referee may give a card to the player who did it (yellow or red card). The only player that is allowed to touch the ball with any part of his body is the goal keeper.

What is the goal of football?

The goal in football is where the player need to try and get the football into the net without the goalkeeper saving the ball.

What player calls the plays and throws the ball in football?


How do you do a pass in football?

Kick the ball to another player in your team.

What is striping in football?

stripping is when a player causes a player on the opposing team to fumble the ball

Does a pro football player have to pay for the ball he tosses in the crowd?

All football players throwing the ball into the stands has to pay for the ball and potential face a fine for delay of game.