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Q: Can a cogon grass can be made as a basket?
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How do you extract silica from cogon grass?

by drying or burning cogon grass

What is protective parts of cogon?

The protective parts of cogon grass are the extensive rhizomes it grows to protect the grass sheath. Cogon grass is a warm weather or semitropical grass that grows quickly because of these protective rhizomes.

Use cogon in a sentence?

Cogon grass is an invasive grass species that is tall and coarse and grows in the tropics and subtropics. SENTENCE: Dave's been out in his backyard all day trying to get rid of the cogon grass.

Procedures in making biodegradable plastics using cogon grass?

Pound the cogon Grass mix with styrofaom and newspaper and tadaa plastic :))

What are the uses of the cogon grass?

It can be manufactured as sugar.

What is the protective structure of cogon grass?

stiff hail

A container made of grass or reeds?


What is the scientific name of cogon grass?

The scientific name of cogon grass is Imperata cylindrica. It is a perennial grass native to Southeast Asia but has become an invasive species in many regions around the world.

How do you make paper using cogon grass without using used paper?

Any grass including cogon can be pulped using chemicals and once pulp, can be used for making paper without using used paper.

What characteristic makes cogon grass seed to be easily dispersed by wind?

What special structure do they have that help in their dispersal by the wind

What do you call plastic grass for the Easter basket?

Plastic Grass

What is imperate root?

Imperate root is a brand name for the root of imperata cylindrica (also known as blady grass, cogon grass, kunai grass or Japanese bloodgrass) and is used in alternative medicine.