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The pawn can be promoted to any Chess piece upon the board with the exception of the King .

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Q: Can a chess piece bring back another piece when it gets to ther end of the board?
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What is the tallest piece on a chessboard?

The tallest piece on the chess board is the king.

How do you place eight queens on a chess board?

If you are talking about transforming a pawn into another piece when it reaches the other end of the board, then the new piece is placed on the square where the pawn was last.

Can you knock your own piece off the board in chess?


What chess piece can move anywhere on the board?

The Queen

What is a corner chess piece called?

when you say corner chess piece, do u mean the piece tht starts in the four corners of the chess board, if so then that is called a rook.

Can you kill a piece in chess if it is against the edge of the board?


What is a word meaning an old building or a piece on a chess board?

The chess piece rook is also called a castlebecause of its appearance on top.

What kind of system could you use to give the position of any chess piece on the board?

How would you make a system to play chess? Hint google chess board number system

Where does the player go that reaches the other side of the chess board?

Reaching the end of the chess-board is only significant to the pawn who then can be promoted to any chess piece other than the King .

Can you reclaim another queen with a pawn in chess if you queeen is still in place.?

If one of your pawns reaches the other end of the board you may trade that pawn for any chess piece you have lost.

In chess when a piece crosses the chess board do you get your queen back?

Only the pawn can be promoted to another chess piece once the pawn reaches the 8th rank . The pawn can not be promoted to a king .The rules only allow the pawn to be promoted upon the eighth rank . At that time the pawn can then be promoted to a queen or any other chess piece with the sole exception of the king .

In chess when there are many pieces on the board can you checkmate?

Yes, just put the king in a danger that he cannot move out of or get another piece to move in front of

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