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No, each Chess piece can only take one in a single movement.

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No, it can only take one piece.

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Q: Can a bishop take 2 pieces in one move in chess?
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Is a bishop allowed to take two pieces at a time in chess?

No. Any chess piece can only take one of the opposing pieces at any one time. That's not to say that you can't setup a fork, where your bishop attacks two pieces at the same time, or a pin, such as when the opponent can't move the attacked piece out of the way, but the end result is that you only take one piece at a time.

In chess can a bishop move two spaces and get the queen out?

Yes, if it is an available move to you, you can move your bishop two spaces and take your opponent's queen.

Can you capture your own piece in chess?

No, you cannot. It is illegal to take one of your own pieces on any move.

How do you play chess also where do all the pieces go?

to play chess the pieces need to be moved about and take other pieces from your opponent and and they go on a board call a chess board

Can you take chess pieces by passing over them?

no. you can only strike them out with other pieces

How can you get your little brother to play chess with you when you are better skilled.?

Take a handicap, spot him a piece (or pieces), put a clock on your move but let him take all the time he wants.

Can king take bishop or queen?

Both in terms of the game of chess and in terms of religion and a monarch, a bishop cannot become a queen.

Can you use some other pieces in chess to prevent check?

Yes, if the king is in check, the next move must take the king out of check. You do not necessarily have to move the king, you could take the attacking piece, or block the check by moving a piece in the way.

In chess how many spaces can a rook move?

The rook can move 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 squares right or left or up and down the board.Not quite. A rook can never move eight squares. If the rook begins at one end of a rank or file a move of seven squares will take it to the other end.

What are the different chess pieces?

There is a total of 6 pieces on a chess board, they all have the same role, to aid in defeating the other players' pieces. However they move differently from one another, the pawn can move 2 squares forward on its first go and 1 on any turn after that. The rook may move horizontally and vertically, the knight can move forward either 1 or 2 squares and left 1 or 2 squares, the bishop moves diagonally, the queen can move diagonally, horizontally and vertically. The king may only move to squares surrounding it.

How many steps can a pawn take in chess?

The first move for the pawn can be either one or two spaces forward. Pawns attack diagonal only forward and when they get to the other side they can turn into a queen, rook, knight, or bishop.

Can queens jump over things at chess?

The Queen may not move as you described because it is an illegal move - only the knight has the power to jump other chess pieces . ~ See related link below for more information as to how the Queen moves .A:In regular chess, the Queen cannot jump any pieces at all. (The only piece which can jump an intervening pawn or piece is the Knight.)*However, there are versions of chess with alternate rules, known collectively as fairy chess, in which the Queen might be granted Knight-like features, including the ability to jump over a piece rather than capturing it.*And the King, while castling, can in a sense be said to have jumped over the Rook.