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Wrong!! The batter may switch sides of the plate as long as the pitcher is not on the rubber prepared to pitch. He could switch several times during the at-bat.

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Q: Can a batter who is a switch hitter change which side of the plate he hits from during a single at-bat?
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When a pitcher throws a complete game without a single opposing batter recording a hit it is called a what?

no hitter

What is the most strikeouts by a MLB hitter in a single postseason?

Alfonso Soriano holds the record for most strikeouts by a batter in a single postseason with 26 set in 2003.

With bases loaded and 2 outs batter hits a single the runner on 3rd fails to touch home on the way in from 3rd on appeal runner is called out is the hitter still credited with a single?

If he got to first before the out occured it is a single.

When a batter bats out of order who is out the impropper batter or the the right batter?

the proper batter. Let's say batter 2 is supposed to be up but batter 3 bats instead. If the defensive team calls attention to the fact before he finishes his at bat - the batter 2 will bat and resume the count batter 3 had Now suppose batter 3 got a single and the defensive team called it to the umpires attention then batter 2 would be declared out and batter 3 would then bat again as he is thescheduled hitter. If the defensive team did not catch the batting out of order infraction before the first pitch to the next batter -which is batter 4- then batter 4 would be the legal batter

Can a switch hitter change sides during a time at bat?

A batter can change sides of the plate as many times as they choose. Just like a manager can change pitchers as many times as they choose.No a batter cannot change sides, unless the opposing team brings in a new pitcher that throws with the other hand.Although managers may make unlimited batter substitutions, the same does not apply to pitchers. Unless he is injured, once a pitcher is brought into a game, he must face at least one batter before he can be taken out. The hitter can switch sides if there is a pitching change, but he can only do it once.Where is the rule in MLB that states a batter cannot switch sides multiple times when batting? I have seen this answer countless times and no one specifies a rule.UPDATED INFORMATION:There is no official rule governing this issue. All the rule books state is that a batter cannot switch sides at the plate when the pitcher is set to deliver a pitch. This means that he/she may switch as often as he/she would like as long as the pitcher is not in his/her motion. There is nothing stating the number of times that he/she may switch sides at a single at bat. That is only a myth.

What is a single in baseball?

A single is a hit that allows the batter to get to first base.

How do you score the batter if a base runner is hit by the ball?

The batter is credited with a single. The runner is out and play is dead.

Does the hitter get credited for a single if he makes a ground ball hit to the outfield and the runner at first gets forced out at second base?

No. In no situation can a batter be credited with a base hit if a runner is forced out.

When a hitter gets a single yet advances all the way home on overthrows and there is a runner on base that also scores does the hitter receive any RBI's?

The batter could be credited with an RBI if, in the scorers judgment the base runner would have scored had there not been any overthrows (errors). For example, the batten singles and the runner is on third and scores, then the overthrows occur. The batter is credited with one RBI. In your original question, the batter would, in no case, be credited with an RBI on his own score.

What is a single in playing baseball?

A single is a hit that allows the batter to reach first base safely.

If a batter hits a triple and misses second base and the defense appeals and the batter is called out how is that scored?

It is scored as a single, out at second.

What is a hit that lets the batter run to first base?

A single

When a batter hits safely to the out field and is thrown out at second is he credited with a single?

No, once you are tagged out you don't get credited with anything if you are the one at bat. Now if another batter hits the ball and there was already a man on base at first and he gets tagged at 2nd base, then yes the man on 1st base would get the single from his previous at bat If the batted ball was cleanly a base hit and he was thrown out trying to advance past first base then the batter would be given the hit corresponding to the last base the batter reached safely. If the batter was thrown out at second, the batter would be given a single. If the batter was thrown out at third, the batter would be given a double. If the batter was thrown out at home plate, the batter would be given a triple.

How do you mark an out in the scorebook if the batter is hit with the ball out of the batters box?

It is an unassisted putout given credit to the nearest fielder and the hitter is given a single when a batted ball in play hits a runner -- in this instance since the batter is the runner hit he would not get a single and since it is just out of the batters box it would just be recorded as G-2 -- or Ground-out to Catcher, whichever is your shortcut of choice for marking that

What do you call 4 stikeouts by a batter in a single game?

Golden sombrero.

Can a pitcher switch from throwing right handed to left handed during a single at bat?

The pitcher has to establish which hand he will be throwing with before a batter steps into the batters box.

If the batter hits a single to left field and a runner is thrown out at the plate is the batter credited with a hit or fielder's choice?

This would be a hit. The only scenerio that this would be a fielder's choice is if the bases were loaded during the hit and the runner that was thrown out was on third base during the hit. A fielder's choice is scored only if the batter would have been out had the fielder chosen to go after him instead of a runner already on base. If the batter would have reached first anyway (such as in the scenario described here), he would get a hit.

What are advantages of bicameral legislature?

No single party can easily create sweeping change in government operations during a single term.

Is it possible to hit 3 triples 3 singles and have a stolen base in one inning?

Batter 1: Triples but is out at the plate trying to stretch it to an inside the park homerun. Batter 2: Triples but is out at the plate trying to stretch it to an inside the park homerun. Batter 3: Triples and stays at third. Batter 4: Hits an infield single, runner holds at third. Batter 4: Steals second while runner at third holds. Batter 5: Hits an infield single, runners at second and third hold. Batter 6: Hits a ball that strikes a baserunner in play. Runner is out and batter is credited with a single. No runs, 6 hits, a stolen base, and three LOB.

When a walk off home run is hit does the hitter still have to touch all bases?

It depends, the other runners can all score once the batter touches first base. if they all touch home than 3 runs are scored regardless of what the batter does next. So as long as the winning run crosses the plate the game is over. If the batter stops at first he is credited with a single, and in this case 3 RBIs

If a batter hits a pitch and the ball hits a runner how is it scored?

The play is dead, the runner that was hit is out, and the batter reaches first base and is credited with a single.

What do you call a four rbi single?

A Grand Slam A bunch of error....... If the batter was able to score with bases loaded on a single.

3 triples 1 double 2 singles 2 stolen bases 1 inning no runs by one team?

Batter 1 triple out trying to come home Batter 2 triple out trying to come home batter 3 triple stays glued to third batter 4 double stays glued to second batter 5 single stays glued to first batter 6 single final out is a tag of home or a tag of the runner from first who didn't advance

Can a pitcher switch throwing arms during a single at bat?

Yes. A switch-pitcher is allowed to change hands during an at-bat. At the start of the at-bat, the pitcher must declare which arm he will throw with so the batter can determine which side of the plate he will bat at. Each player may switch sides one time during the at-bat and must make this known to the umpire-in-chief before-hand.

Who holds the record for most consecutive strikeouts in a single game by a batter?

Tom chenney