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Q: Can a batter switch left to right after each pitch?
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Is a switch hitter required to declare a side before batting?

Not in MLB. A batter may bat from whatever side he wants to on whatever pitch he wants to. The only restriction is that the side the batter is on when the pitcher steps on the pitching rubber is the side the batter must bat from for that pitch. A switch hitter could alternate sides for each pitch if he so desired. Rules concerning the batter can be found in Section 6 of the Official MLB Rules.

How many players are hit by a pitch each season?

According to Baseball Reference, in the 2007 season there were 942 batters hit by a pitch in the National League and 813 batter hit by a pitch in the American League.

What is the fewest pitches thrown in an inning?

Fewest Pitches Thrown in an InningSix. If the pitchers for the home & visiting teams can induce a ground-out on the 1st pitch to each of the 1st three batters he faces. I believe it to be 3 (three) if it occurs in the ninth inning for the home team pitcher whose team has a lead, then the inning is complete without the home team having to pitch. Also a putout of any type would suffice, not just a ground-out. Other outs may qualify too, such as batting out of order, however it does not reduce the pitch count. The out of order batter must a have a minimum of 1 pitch.

In what kind of sports does a pitcher have role?

The pitcher is most dominant in the game of baseball. The pitcher is responsible for throwing the baseball towards the batter and thus initiating each and every play with his or her pitch.

Can you have a 2 pitch inning?

Hypothetically, you can have a 0 pitch inning if the first 3 batters of each team refuse to take their position in the batter's box and the umpire calls 3 strikes on each of them. My original answer, at the bottom, is based on ONE HALF OF AN INNING since a full inning is after both teams have had an at-bat. So, technically, you can have a 2 pitch FULL INNING if 2 pitches are delivered to 2 different batters and they fly or ground out, then the other 4 batters step out and refuse to step into the batter's box before the umpire calls all 3 strikes on them.Acually you can have a 1 pitch innings. You can throw 2 balks, which puts guys on 1st and 2nd base. A balk is not a pitch. Then throw a triple play.No this is wrong. A balk does not award a batter a base. 3 pitch minimum for an inning.I once won a prize for this very question. You can get 3 outs on 2 pitches in MLB if: Batter 1 hits first pitch and flies out or gets thrown out at first base. Ditto batter 2. No runners on bases and 2 pitches thrown. Batter 3 steps out of batter's box after pitcher is set on mound and refuses to step back in - Rule 6.02 (c) "If the batter refuses to take his position in the batter's box during his time at bat, the umpire shall call a strike on the batter (note: it doesn't say the pitcher has to throw the ball for the strike to be called). The ball is dead, and no runners may advance. After the penalty, the batter may take his proper position and the regular ball and strike count shall continue. If the batter does not take his proper position before three strikes have been called, the batter shall be declared out." That's 3 outs on 2 pitches.

Can a pitcher change arms each time a batter changes sides of the plate?

One Answer:No. He must declare before the at bat at stay that way even if the batter changes. Another Answer:In Major League Baseball, the pitcher must declare which hand he will throw with before the at-bat, allowing the hitter to switch sides if necessary. Both players may switch sides one time during the at-bat.

Which right handed batter hit the most home runs off Sandy Koufax?

Hank Aaron, Felipe Alou, Ernie Banks, and Frank Robinson each hit 7 home runs off of Koufax, the most of any right handed batter.

Who is the leader of the team in softball?

Usually the seniors of the team step up during game but as for positioning on the field I believe the catcher should lead the team and control the pace of the game. She's the person that can see everything and knows each batter well. She's in charge of positioning each player on the field per batter and asks for the pitch from the pitcher.

You have three 3-way switches operating 3 ceiling lights you want each switch to operate each single light What do you do?

wire each switch to each light...

What is ground rule double due to fan interference if a runner on first base has already passed second before the fan touches the ball?

The batter and each runner is awarded 2 bases from where they were at the time of the pitch.

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A pitch pipe is a device that musicians use to tune instruments or for singers to ascertain what their first note will be. The most common pitch pipes have many openings under which is inscribed each note. The user blows into the right opening and the correct note will play.

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