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Q: Can a basketball sleeve fit a little boy?
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What size shooter sleeve will fit a 14 year old boy?

A small should be good I have one in small and it's great

Why do you need to know the size of a CD when making a CD sleeve?

So your CD's will fit into the sleeve.

What is the difference between a wet sleeve and a dry sleeve in a diesel engine?

Dry sleeve is pressed fit into a cylinder and it does not contact with water.It is very thin. Whereas, wet sleeve is pressed fit into a cylinder and it contacts with water jacket.It is very thicker.

What model of A C Unit does this sleeve fit?

This sleeve fits model FEDDERS A1A10W2C A/C unit.

How many regulation basketballs can fit through a basketball hoop at one time?

One and a little bit

Will a size 5 basketball fit through a 14 inch basketball rim?

It should fit.

What is the tummy sleeve?

The Tummy Sleeve is designed to fit over a pregnant womans stomach and create an ideal fit for pants so that pregnant women no longer have to tuck in or safety pin their pants.

What can basketball do to your shape?

When you play basketball you exxercise and it can also make more fit and muscular.

What size should a basketball net be to fit a size 7 basketball?

about a size 9

Where can one purchase boys basketball shoes?

Boy's basketball shoes can be purchased at shoe stores located in local shopping malls. Foot Locker is a popular choice. Dick's Sporting Goods is another popular choice. It is very important for the boy to try the shoes on to ensure a good fit.

Do Game Boy colours games fit in a newer Console?

no cause it is a little bit bigger than the older consol.

Can a first generation ipod touch fit a second generation sleeve?

No, 1st gerneration iPod touches cannot fit a 2nd generation sleeve/case because 1st generation iPod touches are not shaped the same as 2nd gerneration iPod touches.

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