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He can, but he probably, no, most likely get hurt.

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2009-10-14 02:09:26
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Q: Can a baseball pitcher pitch in every game during the season?
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Does every baseball team play each other during the regular season?


Where does the pitcher go for every play in baseball?

as cxc

What date does baseball season starts?

the date changes every season

In what kind of sports does a pitcher have role?

The pitcher is most dominant in the game of baseball. The pitcher is responsible for throwing the baseball towards the batter and thus initiating each and every play with his or her pitch.

Was Jackie Robinson a pitcher or a batter?

Every Baseball player Bats. I'm not quite sure that he was a pitcher though.

What baseball player stuck out every time at bat in his rookie season and still went to the hall of fame?

sandy koufax......a fairly decent pitcher who could not hit worth a lick.

What do you call a baseball game in which the pitcher strikes out every batter?

a perfect game

How do you correct this sentence during the rainy season in Africa rain falls every day?

during the rainy season in africa rain falls every day

What muscles are used to pitch a baseball during the preparation execution and follow through phase?

A pitcher generates the power for his pitches through his legs. They then release that power in the throw. A pitcher uses almost every muscle in his body at some point during the preparation and execution of a pitch.

What pro sports team travels the most?

Baseball because they play the most games in a season of any sport. they have to travel to away games practically every week during the season. Football you go to the away team only once a week for a lot shorter season. Basketball has a lot more games than NFL but they always have at least one day in between games while baseball does not, they play mostly every day during the season.

Is glee not on tv during the off-season?

On the off-season, reruns are shown every week.

What constitutes a complete game in baseball?

When a pitcher pitches every pitch for his team in an official game.

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