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Q: Can a ball carrier touch the face mask of a defensive player trying to make a tackle?
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In rugby can you tackle a person from behind If you get deflected can you get back up and tackle him?

Absolutley! In a tackle if the ball carrier hits the ground the tackler is required to move immediately to their feet to be able to fight for the ball. A tackler who is on the floor with the ball carrier must move or make a positive attempt to roll away from the tackled player and the ball or they will be seen as slowing the game and cant be penalised. If you have been "handed off" by the ball carrier or just knocked out of the way when you were trying to tackle that player you are EXPECTED to make every effort to legally stop the ball carrier advancing

Can you trip with your foot in football?

No. Tripping by a blocker for the ball carrier or by a defender trying to tackle the ball carrier is illegal and is a 10 yard penalty.

Who wore 86 for the New England Patriots?

Marquise Hill, a backup defensive tackle, who drowned over the summer of 2007 trying to save a friend.

What does tackle do in football?

Offensive tackles are responsible for blocking defensive players on all offensive plays (running & passing). Defensive tackles are responsible for clogging the middle of the line (between the hash marks) so the offense will have difficulty running up the middle and so the quarterback won't be able to step into his pass attempts or escape up the middle if he can't throw the ball.

What is an arm tackle?

An arm tackle is basically exactly what it is called. When you are tackling you are supposed to get your legs low body square and have the head up wrapping up the player and driving them into the ground. But an arm tackle is just throwing your arms at the player and trying to rip them to the ground using nothing but the arms.

What is tackling in hockey?

Ice hockey has 6 players on the ice for a full "line" including the goalie. The forward, offensive line has 2 "wings" - left and right - and one "center". The defensive line has 2 "defensemen" - left and right. All the players are allowed to "tackle" the opposing player that has the puck. A legal tackle is called a "check".

What is offensive and defensive tactics?

Offensive and defensive tactics will depend upon what a person is trying to do. For example, in football defensive tactics will defend themselves and offensive tactics will be trying to make a goal.

What does Covered Up mean in football?

Some context would help. I can think of two possible uses. 1) The term 'covered' usually refers to a defensive player attempting to stay close to a potential offensive receiver. The offensive player is trying to find the opportunity to allow the quarterback to throw him the ball without the defensive player having the opportunity to prevent it. If the defensive player is in excellent position to stop such a pass, the receiver is said to be 'covered'. If two defenders are in such position, the receiver is said to be 'double-covered'. 2) Sometimes, when someone is trying to explain an illegal formation penalty that relates to the tackle not being 'covered up' by a receiver. The rule is that the offense must have exactly 7 men on the line of scrimmage. The outer two are eligible receivers, the inner 5 are not. If one of the outer two lines up to far off the line of scrimmage, the referee may explain the illegal formation penalty as the tackle not being 'covered up' by a receiver. The first definition is the more common by a considerable extent.

Is it a foul if an offensive player in basketball hands the ball to another offensive player?

Your question's kind of off, if a defensive player has the ball, their on offense not defense therefore he/she is not a defensive player, but an offensive. Sounds like you're trying to ask is it a foul to jump in the air when the offensive player is trying to shoot. If that's your question then the answer's no, just straight up classic man-to-man defense.

What is an innings at defence in softball?

A defensive inning (1/2 inning actually) is when the players are in position in the infield and outfield with the defensive pitcher throwing the ball to the catcher trying to not have the batter (offensive Player) hit the ball.

What is it called when a lineman gets through to the quarterback?

When a defensive player tackles a quarterback behind the line of scrimmage as he is trying to throw the football .... that is called a sack.

How do you stop a breakaway in soccer as a goalie?

You can either try and go to the player and kick the ball away or tackle, or stand your ground and take your chances in trying to save the shot.