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Yes it can, just make sure you have a treaded clamping feed neck

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Q: Can a Spyder Pilot 2007's feed neck be removed and replaced by a clamping feedneck?
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Which is better spyder victor or spyder sonix?

They are the same gun with slight variations. The sonix has a hand grip, clamping feedneck and different ASA hose and the victor is slightly cheaper because it doesn't have those things. Neither of these guns are very reliable or what could be considered "good" I would look into the Azodin Kaos before buying either one of these.

What type of feed neck fits the spyder victor 09?

Some victors have a stock on the feedneck therefore it requires an adapter. Custom Products, and Trinity produce feednecks for this. Other then that the stock feedneck may have to suffice.

Does the timing chain need replaced at 100000 miles on the 2003 MR spyder?

No, timing chains will last the life of the engine and are normally replaced when the engine if overhauled.

How do you paintball feednecks break?

If you drop your gun upside down from a few feet or catch the feed neck against a solid object while sprinting. those most prone to cracking or breaking are the Spyder plastic feednecks. Having a metal feedneck is less likely to break than anything else.

Is a 2009 spyder rt better than a spyder compact?

The Spyder RT is good, considering the price. I picked it up yesterday. I have just been playing around with it, because i have no CO2, but the rocking trigger is really nice and you can make it seem like it's on auto with it. The settings: 3 burst, 6 burst, and auto, are really good, but it sucks because you can't use them in parks. The only thing that you will need to upgrade is the feedneck, which sucks because it adds like 2 or 3 inches to the barrel. I haven't tried the compact (I've just heard this from a lot of people), but I thought this could help.

Who makes the spyder roadster?

Spyder means convertible. Lots of Italian car manufacturers have a spyder model

Does a Spyder MR1 ever need a replacement spring?

if the main spring gets stretched or damaged. It should not need to be replaced regularly like orings.

Does spyder III really work?

There is no Spyder III.

When was Spyder Turner born?

Spyder Turner was born in 1947.

Does the spyder esprit and spyder compact take the same bottom line?

Yes, most Spyder parts are universal on their markers.

What is the duration of Spyder Games?

The duration of Spyder Games is 1800.0 seconds.

Who invented the spyder pilot ACS piantball gun?

Kingman Spyder.