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Yes. A goalie can play up to but no further than the center line.

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Q: Can a NHL goalie pass the blue line in his defensive end?
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When a defensive player catch a pass?

When a defensive player catches a pass

What is a DE in football?

Defensive End. The DE plays on the outside edge of the defensive line. Called the Defensive End in a 4-3 allignment and is sometimes referred to as a Defensive Tackle in a 3-4 defensive allignment. The Defensive end is responsible for pass rushing and run stuffing.

WHAT Is a 2 line pass in hockey?

Since 2005, a two line pass is a forward pass which crosses both blue lines. This is an offside pass which results in a stoppage in play and a face-off in the offending team's zone. Before the lockout it was a forward pass which crossed at least one blue line and the centre red line.

Can the defensive line hold the jersey?

he can hold the jersey of another linemen, but cannot hold the jersey of an eligible receiver while running a route for a pass. There is no defensive holding on a run play.

What are three defensive penalties?

Roughing the passer, defensive pass interference, offsides

Which color does most the international date line pass through?

Blue, for water.

Does a water polo goalie have to touch the ball for it to be a save?

yea as long the ball doesn't pass the goalie everything is fine :]

When a defense player catches a pass?

When a defensive player catches a pass

What is a 'dime' in football?

The Dime DefenseThe dime defense is a basic defensive formation that is designed to stop the pass. The alignment generally features either four down lineman, one linebacker, and six defensive backs or three down lineman, two linebackers, and six defensive backs. In this particular dime formation, there are four linemen on the line of scrimmage (imaginary line separating the offense and defense). You have two defensive ends (DE), one on each end of the line, and two defensive tackles (DT) in between. Behind the defensive line is one linebacker (LB).Two cornerbacks (CB), one nickel back (NB), and one dime back (DB) combine with two safeties to cover the defensive backfield.The exact position of the defensive backs depends on the type of pass coverage they are in.

What is the term in American football for when a defensive player catches a pass from the opossing teams forward pass?

The term for defensive player catching opposing team's pass is an interception.

In the NFL what occurs when there is a defensive pass interference?

Automatic First DownThere shall be no interference with a forward pass thrown from behind the line, is one rule about interference. Defensive pass interference is called when a defensive player interferes with a receiver's attempt to catch the ball. If the defender makes contact with the receiver, it is pass interference, unless the contact is incidental, or done in order to make a play on the ball. For example the defensive player can knock the ball down, even if he has to contact the receiver to do it. But he cannot push the receiver, trip him, grab his arm, pull his shirt, etc. Typically referees will call pass interference if the defensive player makes contact with the receiver but is not looking back at the ball.When defensive pass interference is called, the offense receives an automatic first down, and the ball is placed where the interference occurred. If the interference occurs in the end zone, the ball is placed on the one yard line. Pass interference cannot be challenged once called.

How many times can you kick for a field goal in one possession?

Once unless the ball does not pass the line of scrimmage, or a defensive penalty is called.

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