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Yes, with modification you can do anything if you want to take it to the extreme

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Q: Can a 4 stroke engine frame on yz 125 frame?
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Will a yz 250 engine fit in a yz 125 frame?

No a 125 frame is too small to fit a 250 motor but with a cutting torch and a welder anything is possible.

Can you fit a yz 125 motor into a yz 85 frame?

yes it can i have done it

Where is the ignitin box on a 2002 yz 125?

on the frame

Can a yz 125 engine fit a yz 80 frame?

Yes it can! How much work I do not know. I saw an 80 a few years back with a 125 engine in it. I just got cr80 and I'm going to put a 125 engine in it, just to play with people at the track. I'll let you know how hard it is.

Can you trade in your ttr 125 for a yz 125?

Not likely, ttr 125s are 4 stroke and it is a trail bike. a yz 125 is a 2 stroke race bike. yz 125s are worth more unless you trade for a older model then the ttr. its posable but highly unlikely

Will a 2004 yz 250 engine fit in a 2004 yz 250f frame?

YES! The only difference between a 250 and a 250f is that one is 2stroke and the other is a four stroke.

Will a 2000 Yz 125 rim fit on a 1992 Yz 125?

They are 8 years apart they changed the frame in that amount of time I would mesure the size and locations of the holes on both the engine and the frame but my bet is that it won't work, there is a big difference between the styling on a 1992 to 2000.

What is faster a Yamaha yz 85 or a Yamaha ttr 125?

yz 85 cus its 2 stroke but if u modify the 125 enough the 125 is faster ya dinconpoop the ttr 125 is faster

Are the yz 125's or kx 125's better?

The yz 125 is better because 2005 and up have An aluminum frame and over all better. The kx 125 is ok but they made an aluminum frame in 2007. I would always go with yamaha

What is the difference in Yamaha yz models?

a yz250 is two stroke and a yz250f is four stroke. same with the 125 and 85

Is there a oil filter on a 1998 Yamaha yz 125?

No oil filter, the YZ125 is a 2 stroke.

Will a 96 yz 125 motor fit in a 93 yz 125?

with new engine mounts probably but i dont think it would go right in