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Q: Can a 13 year old teach younger kids to play b-ball?
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What do jaden and willow does at home?

Everyday things like regular people which play bball watch tv play games go out eating have fun remeber they are kids 2

Does Wizard 101 teach kids about alternate religions?

No, it is just a fun game to play around with, it is not supposed to teach kids about different religions

Can kids play with airsoft guns?

For younger ages, no. Airsoft can be dangerous.

Do kids still like to play monopoly?

Kids still play Monopoly.You can even buy the Junior version for younger children.

How can you teach chess for kids?

It is relatively easy to teach kids how to play chess. The best approach is by showing them hands on and explaining to them slowly and comprehensibly. You can also check the Chess Kid website which shows instructions on teaching kids how to play.

What are the safety rules?

The safety are are all here. 1. Never play with fire. 2. Never play with knives. 3. Never play with guns and other weapons. 4. Always be very careful. 5. Never let any younger kids reach up to get matches, knives and other dangerous items. 6. Keep all bags away from younger kids. 7. Never give younger kids pens to play( it is not a toy). 8. Never leave home without younger kids. 9. Never let any younger kids go out on the street. 10. Always look out for kids.

Does Mady Gosselin Play Basketball?

Yes With A Team I See Her Playing Bball

Do young kids play football?

Yes, some 3rd graders play tackle football. Many younger kids also play touch and flag football.

Is there an educational software to help me teach my kids how to play piano?

Alfred Teach Yourself To Play Piano Deluxe Edition CD-ROM should work.

What are activities to do in a video for kids?

(This is all for little kids): You could teach them how to sing or maybe draw. It would be a good idea to teach the kids table manners. Dancing, play dress up, paint, etc,....

Should kids younger than 14 play contact sports?

It's okay if they have gear

What kind of talents do monkeys have?

They can clean if you teach them to they cann smoke,ride a bike and play with the kids.

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