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No. they have two different receivers.

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Q: Can You take a stock off a Tippmann 98 Custom and put it on a Tippmann A-5?
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Can you take off a double trigger from a Tippmann 98 custom and put it on a Tippmann A-5?

No. The trigger assembly for the a5 is set up very different from the 98 custom.

Does the tippmann a5 m107 shroud fit the tippmann 98 custom?

No, the screw set is off and there is holes for the cyclone feed.

Can the tippmann 98 custom response trigger fit the tippmann 98 custom platinum series?

Yes all 98's are interchangeable no matter the model. But if you haven't taken apart a paintball gun before it could cause problems. When i was putting a new trigger in my 98 the second i lifted one half off about 3 springs shot off. I had to get my owners manual and look to see where all the springs went. Took about 15 minutes longer than it should have. But was worth it in the end.

Can you take the stock off a longstrike cs6?


What allan wrench does the tippmann 98 customs take?

98Shooter:Sorry i can't answer your question completely but i know off the top of my head that it uses a 3/16" for velocity adjustments.

How do you get the stock off the longstrike?

You need to take apart the entire blaster to get the stock off once you attach it. Just unscrew the screwsso that you can take off the top, and take it out. Then screw the screws back in after putting the shell back on. Stinks, huh?

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