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No if they are curretly in the Olympics

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Q: Can Olympic athletes still play sports in high school?
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Related questions

Should athletes go to school?

Yes athletes should go to school. Education is very important and I am sure if an athlete gets a good education he/she wouldn't regret it. Not only should athletes go to school, here's a strange thought, school should be primary to sports. That is, if they are not able to keep up with the work load of academia, they should not be permitted to participate in sports, that is they should not be permitted to play. Advocating for them to be removed from the team is counter productive. Sports should be the incentive it is to get students into school. School still needs to remain the most important part of the equation.

High school athletes can go to pros after high school?

not all sports, you can in Hockey, Baseball, Golf, and Tennis at least. The first two are minor leauge, but still professional.

When did professional athletes were allowed to compete in Olympic Games?

Every sport is different. Certain sports have always allowed professionals via. sponsorships. Others just require athletes to compete on world curcuits. Still, many north American team sports are either allowed or disallowed depending on the league they are a part of (ie. NHL, NBA, MLB).

What prizes do olympic winners receive?

The Olympic Committee awards its athletes, $25,000 for gold, $15,000 for silver and $10,000 for bronze. The athletes still have to pay taxes on whatever money they win.

Where will the athletes go if te olympic games ended?

If the olympic games ended they would still do what they are doing like training but they just couldn't go in the olympic games.

Are crossbows still used in Olympic sports?

No, crossbows are not used.

What ancient sports are still in the modern games olympic?

Discus and javelin.

If scholarships are not just for good grades and sports, how do you find them?

College coaches are always recruiting high-school athletes to come play for their college team after they graduate. Several young students are hopeful that they will receive a sports scholarship because it is the only way they can afford to pay for their education. Colleges give away over $1 billion in sports scholarships to worthy student athletes. If you are just going to sit back and hope a college coach comes knocking on your door, you probably will be sitting there for a long time. You may be the best athlete at your school, but you still need to make an effort if you want to receive a sports scholarship. There are thousands of student athletes and not all of them were lucky enough to receive a scholarship.

Do US athletes receive monetary rewards for winning Olympic medals?

Yes, the US Olympic Committee gives cash awards of $25,000, $15,000, and $10,000 to winners of gold, silver, and bronze medals, respectively. Athletes, as of now, still have to pay taxes on their winnings.

How do drugs affect the sports people?

It damages their reputation and their health. The biggest problem with Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) is that they give an unfair advantage to the athletes who take them. Athletes who don't use PEDs claim, with merit, they are operating under an unfair obstacle. OTOH, some athletes complain that athletes who can afford high-altitude training, or even spend time in pressure-chambers are physically altering their bodies to produce similar advantages. Further, athletes who are receiving subsidies for their training from associations or governments can be said to have lost their amateur standing, supposedly a requirement for Olympic or World Championship competition. Still further, obviously professional athletes, like the WBA and the NHL are currently allowed to compete at World and Olympic level. Now then...feel free to take a stand...there are plenty of vacancies open.

Why do athlets use steroids?

athletes use steroids to get better at sports. Many get caught yet many still use.

Why should softball be in the Olympics?

Softball needs to be brought back to the Olympics. WHY? It is part of American past time and women all over have stepped up to the plate to prove "we" got it too. Equality is a big issue and being ignored. There is more exposure to thanks to ESPN and college games on TV plus now high school's on limited circuit. But why limited? The community wants, or those who want to watch, can tune in. Why are people still afraid of women in sports? Women can be athletes as well. Wake up America. It's been a long slow road for women in sports, because of attitude, but times are and have been changing. I heard the Olympic board wants to bring in "pole dancing" to the Olympics, REALLY? Pressure needs to be put on the right people, for the right reason: softball needs to be brought to the Olympic because women are athletes too!!

Can you stay in school for a degree but still play sports?

Yes you can stay in school for a degree and still play sports. Several of people do it all the time in college.

Which ancient Olympic sports are still in today's modern Olympics?

Shot put, javelin, discus, running, wrestling.

Can you fail a grade in high school and still play high school sports?


What sports can Paralympics athletes take parts in?

all the parts that they want and the ones they think that they could do or perhaps the that they could do before but think that they still can

In which olympic games and in what year did more athletes attend the games than spectators?

In Paris in 1900 the games were part of the World's Fair and many athletes and spectators never realised that the competitions they were competing in or watching were the Olympics(it was only the second one). Some of the athletes died many years later still not knowing.

Can you still play sports if you have asthma?

Depends on how bad your asthma is, and if you can afford medication or not. But yeah, plenty of athletes do have some form of asthma and are still able to compete. Consult your doctor for your situation.

Is the minimum age the same for all Olympic sports? ( at least 16 for all sports, some, such as Marathon, (20) are higher) I think the minimum age requirement to join Olympic game is 16 and up. But still depends on what sports they are competing. There are some Junior and Senior Division if needed.

Can you fail a class in high school and still play high school sports?

Eligibility to play high school sports is not based on individual grades, but rather than your GPA. You can fail a class and still play high schools sports, only if your GPA is about a 2.0. Anything lower than a 2.0 and you become ineligible to play a high school sport.

Why was UCLA famous?

UCLA was famous for several reasons. For one, it was and still is one of the top liberal arts universities in the nation. The university also has a top film school, which has produced several notable names in the entertainment industry. UCLA is also known for its sports collectives and athletes.

How many high school athletes get into pro sports?

not that many make it to a minor league team and those people that make it into single double or triple few of them make it onto the majors there are only a few people that striaght to the bigs that are still playing... ex josh becket

Why are middle school sports being cut?

I think it is because of money being tight, but high school sports are still in, but not for fresman. Hope this helps.

What prize did the ancient olympic athletes win?

Ancient Olympic athletes won a crown of leaves, sometimes dipped in gold, from the sacred tree at Olympia and a vase of olive oil with pictures of battle scenes or Olympic events. The olive oil was to sell and sometimes they also sold the vase. These are ranging from smallish to half the size of a grown man. There are still many olive oil vases today. Sometimes athletes got a statue of themselves if they were really good. The glory of winning was sometimes the best prize you could get.

Can you get into a fight at school and still play sports?

It depends on the fight, how violent it is..