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No, the World Series pits one team from each league.

It is possible for two teams from the same division to play in each league's Championship Series but not in the World Series.

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Q: Can 2 teams in the same division be in the World Series?
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What division 1 NCAA teams have played in bowl game final four and college world series in same academic schools year?

Kansas Jayhawks in 1993.

Who goes to the postseason if two MLB teams in the same division have the same record at the end of the year and the season series is tied?

There will be a one game playoff to determine who goes on to the next play off series

Has any player ever played for both World Series teams in the same season?

Bengie Molina

Can 2 teams from same division be the conference wild cards?


What is the schedule for the cape cod baseball league?

I believe they play a 44 game schedule that begins in mid June and ends in mid August. There are 10 teams total. 5 teams in each division. Top 2 teams from each division play a best of 3 series. Winners of those series play a best of 3 for the championship. Teams generally play different teams nightly with an occasional back to back game against the same opponent.

How does a team make it to the World Series?

By winning its division and then winning the two league playoff championships. There are four teams from each league that go to the playoffs, three division winners and one wildcard team. The usual seeding is the division winner with the best season record plays the wildcard team and the two other division winners play each other. However, if the team with the best overall record and the wildcard team come from the same division then the wildcard team will play the division winner with the second best overall record and the division winner with the best overall record will play the other division winner. The winners of those two seven game series then play another seven game series with the winner advancing to the World Series.

What happens if two teams are tie in the same division of football?

Have another game

Can 2 teams from the same division play for the conference championship in the nfl?


What is the MLB tie-breaking procedure when three teams from the same division finish the regular season with the same win-loss record and winning percentage?

The top two teams who have won in there division the most have a playoff

What is the playoff format for the American and national league division and the World Series?

As you know there can be 4 teams in the Playoffs, the 6 Division Winners and the 2 Wild Card winners from both the American and National Leagues. The team with the best record in either division will play the Wild Card winner for their league but if their Wild Card winner is in the same division as them then they'll play against the team in their same league who has the 2nd best record. How it determines who holds home field advantage for the Division Series and the League Championship Series is based on their Regular Season record but this only applies to the Divisional Winners, Wild Card winners can never have home field advantage during the Divisional Series or the League Championship Series. The World Series' home field advantage is as you know based on the outcome of the All Star Baseball game.

In Major league baseball how many times to teams in the same division play?

In Major League Baseball teams in the same division play each other at least 18 times during the course of the Regular Season.

Is it possible to have 3 playoff teams from the same division in the NFL?

Yes, you would have one division winner, and 2 wild card teams that could possibly be from the same division. That last occurred in the 2007 season. The wildcard teams in the NFC were the New York Giants and Washington Redskins, both from the East division, and in the AFC were the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans, both from the South division. yes. in 1494 the colu

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