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Q: Brett Favre last game as a Packer was with?
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Who was the last Green Bay Packer to be inducted into the Green Bay Packer's Hall of Fame?

Brett Favre was the last Green Bay Packer to be inducted into the Green Bay Packer's Hall of Fame.

When was Brett Favre last game?

November 11, 1991 vs. the Redskins.

Who did Brett Favre throw his last touchdown pass to?

Brett Favre's last NFL career touchdown pass was a 12 yard pass to Donald Lee. It came with 5:00 minutes to play in the 3rd quarter of the 2007 NFC Championship game against the NY Giants in Green Bay, WI.

What is Brett Favre favorite movie?

the last song

Who is the qb that retired last year?

Brett Favre maybe?

Was Brett Favre's Last throw as an Atlanta Falcon an interception?


When was the last time Brett Favre beat the cowboys?

On October 17, 2010, Favre and the Minnesota Vikings defeated the Dallas Cowboys 24-21 in a game played at Minnesota.

What NFL QB has thrown 6 touchdowns in one game?

It has been done many times by packer players, but Brett Favre was the last one to do it, on September 27, 1998

Who did Brett Favre play for in the 1960's?

Brett Favre was born in 1969 (the last year of the sixties), so there was no way for him to play for any team in the 1960's.

Did Brett Favre run for a touchdown in the last Green Bay Packer game in Milwaukee?

The Green Bay Packers were never based in Milwaukee but they did play regular season home games in Milwaukee between 1933-1994. Their first game in Milwaukee was on December 3, 1922 against Racine Legion in which they won 14-0. They didn't play there again until 1933.

How many yards does Brett Favre have this season?

Brett Favre has 60,749 passing and 1,768 rushing yards from 1991 through the 9th game of the 2007 season. That would make a combined 62,517 in the last 16 years plus years. Farve also has passed for 4,902 yards in playoff games.

Who was the last person drafted into the NFL from misssissippi state university?

Brett favre