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Q: Boston Celtic players in the 80's?
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Do any Celtic players live in Boston?


What Boston Celtic player has a first name of Dennis?

Dennis Johnson from the 80s dynasty his nickname was "DJ"

Are there currently any NBA players born in July on the Boston Celtic or the denver nuggets?

Ray Allen, a current Boston Celtic, was born on July 20th.

What were some of the best Boston Celtic players throughout history?

larry bird

Who played for Celtic and Manchester utd in the 80s?


What are the names of all the Celtic players?

go to wikipedia, search all-time rosters, find Boston celtics, and you are good!

Is Kevin Garnett a Boston Celtic in NBA 2K8 game?

Yes, he is a Boston Celtic in NBA 2K8.

What is the font of the Boston Celtics jersey?

The word Celtics and the players number. I dont know the font of boston celtic jersey.but I sale cheap nba jerseys.

When did Kevin Garnett become a Boston Celtic player?

Kevin Garnett became a Boston Celtic player when he was traded to Boston from the Minnesota Timberwolves on July 31, 2007

Who is the Boston Celtic's captain?

Paul Pierce

What was the Boston Celtic's stock symbol?


How many championships does Boston Celtic have?


Name Celtic players surnames starting with Y?

No player with the last name beginning with the letter Y has ever played for the Boston Celtics of the NBA.

How many Celtic players are married?


How many Glasgow Celtic players have won champions league after leaving Celtic?


Celtic players surname beginning with the letter i?

No player with a surname starting with the letter i has appeared in a regular season or playoff in the history of the Boston Celtics NBA franchise. There also has been no Celtic player with a first name starting with the letter i.

What is Boston Celtic font jersey?

dick bonner

What is the highest number worn by a Boston Celtic?


What is the name of the celtic's arena?

Boston square garden

How many Boston Celtic fans are?

There are 7 million

How much is Boston Celtic stock worth?


How many Chelsea players played for Celtic?

not many

Which Arsenal players have played for Celtic?

Ian Wright

Celtic players who also played in Germany?


Where do the Celtic players live in Glasgow?

public toilet