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University of Michigan.

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Q: Between Ohio State and Florida Who has the most titles in all sports?
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What is the state sports team of Florida?

The Florida Gators

What is the daring sports team of Florida?

Florida gators, and Florida state seminals.

What has the author Mary Lou Norwood written?

Mary Lou Norwood has written: 'A century of women's sports, 1905-2005' -- subject(s): Florida Female College, Florida State College for Women, Florida State University, History, Sports, Sports for women

What years did Florida win NCAA title?

In football the Florida Gators lay claim to three National Titles:1996 - Florida 52, Florida State 202006 - Florida 41, Ohio State 142008 - Florida 24, Oklahoma 14

What state has the 3rd most pro sports teams?

florida with 9

Who state has the most professional sports FL or GA?

Florida for sure!

Which universities have won the most NCAA titles in all basketball?

UCLA 11 Titles Kentucky 7 Titles North Carolina 5 Titles Indiana 5 Titles Duke 4 Titles Kansas 3 Titles Cincinnati, Connecticut, Florida, Louisville, Michigan State, North Carolina State, Oklahoma State (Oklahoma A&M), & San Francisco All have 2 Titles each. No other team has more than 1 Title.

Who won between Florida state and Florida in 2010?

Florida State University won the game 31 to 7.

What has the author Mildred M Usher written?

Mildred M. Usher has written: 'A history of women's intercollegiate athletics at Florida State University from 1905-1972' -- subject(s): Athletics, College sports, Florida State University, Sports, Sports for women

How has the most National Championships between Ohio State and Florida State?

Ohio State has 7, Florida State has 2.

Including all divisions what state has the most men and womens college sports titles?

i think it is ucla with 100

Who are the University of Miami's sports rivals?

In football, Florida State is Miami's biggest rival. Notre Dame, Florida and more recently, Ohio State, are others.

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