Best hard hitting batsmen now

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Loots Bosman from South Africa

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Q: Best hard hitting batsmen now
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Who is the best South African batsmen now in cricket?

Loots Bosman

Is joe root the best batsman?

No Duji Bandari is the best batsmen right now he averages 498.05 in Ricky Ponting Cricket 05

Who holds ashes now?

England because of Australia's terrible batsmen

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Two batsmen batting in 94 not out The team needs 7 runs to win Only 3 balls left Both batsmen remain unbeaten on 100 How is it possible?

Batsman 1 hits six. Next ball he is caught but the batsmen crossed. Batsman 2 is now on strike and hits a six off the last ball.

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Who is the most successful batsmen?

don bradman followed by miandad followed by saeed anwar followed by inzamam <and afridi but its all sachin now

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Top 10 best batsmen in the world now?

M.S. Dhoni A.B. de Villiers M.E.K. Hussey H.M. Amla C.H. Gayle S.R. Tendulkar T.M. Dilshan J.H. Kallis R.T. Ponting S. Chanderpaul

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How many people are on a cricket Field?

15 people= 2 umpire, 11 fielders and 2 batsmen. (runners are now banned in cricket and for the better)

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