Best college football conference

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SEC. By a long shot.

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Q: Best college football conference
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Is big 10 the best conferance in college football?

No, the SEC is the best college-football conference.

Which college football conference is the best?


Is Texas Tech an NFL team?

No it's a college. It has a football team. It's in the BIG 12 Conference. its also THE BEST college football team(:

What is the best college football conference?

the Sec has more wins and more appearances in championship games than any other conference! sorry all you SEC haters!

What active BCS conference college football coach has the best road winning percentage as of November 21 2008?

Jim tressel

What is the SEC in football?

It is the South Eastern Conference. Also know as THE BEST CONFERENCE IN THE COUNTRY.

Why is the SEC the best conference in NCAA div 1 football?

It isn't

What are the best rivals in college football?

Without a doubt, the best rivalry in college football is Ohio state and Michigan.

What conference will Pitt football be playing in next year?

Pitt football will be playing in the Atlantic Coast Conference instead of the Big East Conference as they have previously played in. Generally it is thought that this is a wise transition and for the best.

What NCAA football conference is the best?

The SEC is the best football conference overall because they dont have any really bad teams and always have atleat one or two teams contending for a national championship

What is the best football college?


Is Ohio State good in football?

Ohio State is one of the best football programs in college football. No they are consistant in the top ten and almost always make it into a bowl game off some type and are always threatening to win the conference title

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