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Artis Gilmore 59%

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Q: Best NBA field goal percentage
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When did people start calculating NBA field goal percentage?


Lowest field goal percentage ever in an nba game?

Chris Bosh 1/18

Who had the worst field goal percentage in one NBA game?

2/21 Allen Iverson

When did the three point basket field goal begin in the NBA?

The three point field goal was added to the NBA in the 1979-80 season.

Who has the highest shooting percentages in the NBA history?

I believe, though someone may correct me, that it was the 'Legend' Larry Bird.AnswerArtis Gilmore...lifetime field goal percentage of .599. AnswerMark Price, free-throw pct of .904. The correct answer: Artis Gilmore has highest field goal percentage for CAREER at .599. But for BEST single SEASON Wilt Chamberlain holds the record for field goal percentage at .727 accomplished in the 72-73 season.

How do you find a basketball shooting percentage?

Field Goal (FG) percentage can be determined by diving the field goals made by the field goals attempted. For instance, if a player makes 5 field goals out of 8, then his/her field goal percentage is 62.5%. The field goal percentage is composed of all field goals made--whether a two-pointer or three-pointer. A player's three-pointer percentage is three-pointers made divided by three-pointers attempted. You can find a player or team's field goal percentage in the NBA section of any sports website or listed in the sports section of most U.S. newspapers.

Who has the highest 3 point percentage in the NBA?

Toronto Raptors guard Jason Kapono has a career three-point field-goal percentage of .463, good enough for first place all-time in both the NBA and ABA.

How long is the NBA three-point field goal line?

20 feet

Who had the lowest field goal shooting percentage in NBA history?

Rusell westbrook because he averages less than 40 % every game also because he is a chuck like Nouman khan and ayaz is the best player he is on the celtics

Who has the highest field percentage as a guard in the NBA and ABA?

lewis lloyd

Who has the best nba goal scoring in 2011 -2012?

Ryan Reid

Who has the best free throw percentage in the NBA?

Ben wallca

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