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a chest pass is more direct and faster

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Q: Benefits of a chest pass in basketball?
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What is chest pass in basketball?

a chest pass in basketball is where you throw or aim the ball between the upper chest to the upper hips when you are throwing it.

Which basketball term is defined as a two-handed pass thrown from chest level?

Chest Pass

What passes are legal in a basketball game?

THE answer is you can do a bounce pass,chest pass,

Types of passes in basketball?

There are only 2 types of passes in basketball, a chest pass and a bounce pass

When would a chest pass be used in basketball?

when we are tired

What are the basic passes in basketball?

bounce pass, chest pass and over the head pass

What are all the different Basketball passes?

Chest pass, overhead pass, bounce pass, baseball pass

What are the types of passes in a basketball game?

Basketball PassesThe four types of passes in basketball is the chest pass, the bounce pass the overhead pass and the side pass or outlet pass which ever you prefer!!! :-)labchestbounceoverheadskipwraparoundtip

In basketball what is a pass made with both hands aimed at the receivers waist?

chest pass

How do you throw a chest past in basketball?

hold the ball above your chest with both hands then pass

How many types of basketball passes are there?

bounce and chest and overhead pass

What are two ways of passing a ball in basketball?

Chest and bounce pass.

What is the slowest pass you can use in basketball?

The slowest pass in bball is probably the bounce pass, but if you throw a chest pass slow then that will probably be slower.

What is a pass called that is passed directly to the receivers chest in basketball?

It depends on how the player threw the ball. If he bounced it and it hit the recievers chest, it would be a bounce pass, if it went to the receiver without touching the floor, that is a chest pass

What is the slowest pass in basketball?

If you use a bounce pass that is probably the slowest pass in bball, but if you are a slow chest passer then that would probably be slower. It really is just an opinion because each person throws the basketball differently. In my opinion I throw a bounce pass slower than a chest pass.

What is the procedure of the basketball pass?

Put the ball on your chest......THen exert power on your shoulder....try to push the ball to pass....

What muscles contract when playing a chest pass in basketball?

The Intercostal muscles between the ribs.

Is a shoulder pass used in basketball?

no the main passes in Basketball are, the javelin pass, chest pass, and long pass, these are the three main passes in basketbal with the long and javelin pass being similar in that they are used to get the ball up court for someone to drive into the key.

What are five types of passing used in basketball?

1. bounce pass 2. chest pass 3. back board bass? 4. ? 5. ?

What are the kinds of ball pass?

There are many different types of ball passes in basketball. Some of the most popular are the two-handed chest pass, the behind-the-back pass, the baseball pass, the bounce pass, the outlet pass, the overhead pass, and the no-look pass.

Chest pass in netball?

A chest pass is a netball pass thrown from the chest of Player 1 to the chest, or slightly in front if running, to Player 2. It is done with two hands, and is a firm, flat pass

What is passing of the basketball?

There are 3 main types of passing: Overhead: Literally thrown over the head, with two hands. Chest pass: Thrown to the chest/stomach area of the teamate. Bounce pass: Pushing the ball to the floor; it should bounce back up to the stomach/chest area of your teamate.

What are the kinds of passing in basketball?

1.overhead pass 2.chest pass 3.bounce pass 4.outlet pass this question is answered by: Peter Martin Batica,2nd year highschool student from basey,samar

When would you use a chest pass?

You use a chest pass when you are passing a short distance.

What are Chest height basketball shots?