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Stacey Augmon

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Q: Before it was retired for Chuck Daly who was the last player to wear the number 2?
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When did chuck chuck yeager retire?

Chuck Yeager retired in March of 1975.

Who wore football jersey number 60?

Chuck Bednarik wore number 60 for the Eagles, played center and linebacker. Number was retired by the Eagles

Who was the last player on the pistons to wear number 2?

Number 2 was retired in honor of Chuck Daly, Head Coach, 1983-92. Daly never played in the NBA; the number 2 represents the two NBA championship teams he coached.

Is liddell out of the UFC?

chuck retired after being knocked out by rich Franklin

Is chuck liddel still fighting?

No.... he retired shortly after his loss to Rich Franklin

What was Chuck Conners profession before he acted in 'The Rifleman'?

He was a professional baseball player and a professional basketball player.

Who did Chuck Noll play for before The Pittsburgh Steelers?

Chuck Noll was drafted in 1953 by the Cleveland Browns. He played for Cleveland until he retired at 27 years of age in 1959. He then went on to become an assistant coach for the San Diego Chargers and the Baltimore Colts before joining the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What was chuck Taylor number in basketball?

what was chuck Taylor number in basketball

Who wore Green Bay Packers number four before Brett Favre?

Chuck Fusina

When did Chuck Taylor die?

The basketball player and shoe salesman Chuck Taylor passed away June 23, 1969 one day before his 68th birthday.

What is Chuck Knoblauch famous for?

Chuck Knoblauch (Real name "Edward Charles Knoblauch") is a retired Major League Baseball player, and is famous for a successful Major League Baseball career. His debut was in 1991 for the Minnesota Twins. He mostly played Second Baseman.

What college did NBA player Chuck Hayes play for?

NBA player Chuck Hayes played for Kentucky.

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