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Just try your best and don't commit any turnovers.

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Q: Beat a basketball team better then you and how?
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Is the basketball team or baseball team better in Connecticut?


What basketball team beat the Kentucky basketball team 2011-12?

The Indiana Hoosiers beat them 73-72 on 12/10/11

Which is Better Louisville BasketBall Team or Kentucky Basketball Team?

Kentucky is better because they have won more games then Louisville.

How do you beat someone in basketball that is better than you?

Be black.

What year did unc mens basketball team beat the high seated Oklahoma team in the tournament?


What is the hardest team to beat in sport?

in basketball: Lakers or Celtics Soccer: Brasil

What team won the 1964 njcaa basketball championship?

UCLA beat Duke.

Where to get training for basketball?

At a basketball court. Try and join a program or a team to improve better.

Could a WNBA team beat an average boys high school basketball team?

No, they cannot, because they are women.

What is team work basketball youth?

Learning the basic fundamentals for all players to work as a team to become better basketball players.

Football vs basketball which is better?

basketball because it is more team inclusive and faster paced

Which basketball team is better knicks or hawks?

the knicks of course