Basic skills in gymnastic

Updated: 12/8/2022
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the 1st level you compete in in most gyms is level 4, so here are the skills you need for it on each event:

bars- glide swing, pullover, front hip circle, stride circle( a circle around the bar with your one leg on either side of the bar), back hip circle undershoot dismount

floor-round off back handspring, handstand bridge kickover, handstand forward roll

vault-handstand flatback on a few 8 inchers

beam-handstand, 1/2 turn, straight jump, tuck jump, 90* split leap, side handstand twist off dismount.

those are the skills 4 the first competitive level of gymnastics... hope this helps

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level 1= floor = handstand, cartwheel, bridge,forward roll beam= half turn,vault= cheese mat= forward roll bars= pull up,pullover(with spot) level 2 = floor= headstand, backward roll beam= jump v-sit vault=hand stand into flat back (two mats) bars= pullover,back hip circle, straddle dismount


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Q: Basic skills in gymnastic
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