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I believe the rule is that if a baserunner passes another baserunner, then both runners are out

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Q: Baseball rule when a baserunner passes another baserunner?
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What does it mean if an infield fly rule is in effect during a softball game?

Baserunner(s) cannot advance or be put out if the ball is dropped.

What is the four second rule?

The four second rule is very simple, while following another vehicle when he passes a certain line or passes under a bridge you simply starting of the seconds and you should be at the four second mark or higher.

When one base runner passes another while circling the bases which runner is called out?

"Any runner who passes a proceeding runner before that runner is out, will be called out" rule 7.08. so in other words the runner that passes the other runner is out.

You have amc gold ticketthe movie says No Passes Is the ticket considered a pass?

No. Gold passes work regardless of the "No Passes" rule

If a baserunner is hit by a batted ball and declared the third out as per rule 7.09 m does the batter still get credited with a hit?

Yes, the batter is still credited with a hit.

What is a batter credited with when a baserunner is called out for interference?

Baseball rule 10:06 (e) a base hit shall not be scored when a runner is called out for interference with a fielder attempting to field a batted ball, unless in the scorer's judgment the batter runner would have been safe had the interference not occurred.

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Regarding rule 4.03 in the baseball rules...was this the rule in 1956?

No it was not a rule in 1956. Rule 4.03 became a rule years later when Keith Hernandez revolutionized the game of baseball, Fact !

Is the ball still in play if it hits a runner after it passes a fielder?

Yes, the ball is in play and the runner is not delared out. See Rule 5.07(f) in Official Major League Baseball Rules.

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