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I would say that it is a fair ball. When it goes into the dugout they call time.

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Q: Baseball hits third base and goes into dugout?
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Why do the Chicago White Sox have their home dugout on the third base side?

Interestingly, there is no official rule about where the home dugout has to be. And the White Sox are not the only team to have theirs on the third base side-- so do the Tigers and the Indians (and a few others too). Some historians think having it on the third base side goes back to baseball's early years, when many players were also third-base coaches; after standing on the third base line, it was thus much easier to just run back to the dugout and sit for a few minutes. But that explanation may be just another baseball legend.

What if a baseball is over thrown in dugout and there is a runner on base?

the all base runners will take one (1) base... if the ball goes it the stands the all runners take two (2) Bases...

Runner at third base goes home and touches home plate on a fair batted ball After touching the plate he hears someone say it was foul so he retreats to 3bA runner made it to third on the batted ball?

As soon as the runner touches home plate, the run scores. The following runner has the right to third base. Either the base coach or the following runner on third base should tell the runner who scored that it was not a foul ball and he should go to the dugout. The ball is still live.

How many bases does runner get on an overthrow of first base?

It depends how far away the ball is from the fielder and how fast the runner is but the usual is 1 Like Martin said, it depends. If the ball is overthrown at first and goes past the fence or into the dugout, the runner will get to advance one base. If he is taking off for second before the ball goes under the fence or into the dugout, he will not get to go to third UNLESS he has already touched second by the time the ball goes out of play. Now, if the ball is overthrown at first and DOES NOT go out of play, the runner may advance as many as he wants but the fielders can get him out.

Is the runner alllowed to advance after he is hit by a thrown ball and it goes out of bounds?

YES... the ball is always live till the umpire stops play ... if the ball goes into the dugout the runner get one (1) base if the goes into the stands the runner take two (2) bases... if there's a runner on base they take the next open base...

Ball goes OVER third base bag but lands in foul territory fair or foul ball?

If a fly ball goes over the third base bag and lands in foul territory, the ball is called foul. If a ground ball goes over the third base bag in the air, the ball is fair regardless of where the next bounce is.

What base does a batter get if on ball four the ball goes into the dugout?

I believe the correct ruling is that the batter would be awarded 2B. On ball 4, he is entitled to 1B without liability of being put, though the ball is still live. Once the pitched ball enters the dugout (dead ball territory), all runners would be awarded one base from the base occupied at the time of the pitch. So in this particular scenario, even though the batter had not actually reached 1B at the time the pitched ball entered the dead ball territory, I believe he would be awarded 2B.Follow-up:I've researched this further, and found my above answer is wrong. If ball 4 goes directly into the dugout, the batter gets 1B only and all runner's on base get one base from the base where they were at the time of the pitch. However, if the pitch gets past the catcher, touches a defensive player, and then goes into the dugout, the batter only get 1B, but all other runners get two bases.

If a ball is hit down the third base line rolls on the fair foul line hits third base and goes foul Is the ball fair or foul?

It's a fair ball if the batted ball hits the base.

Why do pitchers always walk to the dugout at the end of an inning?

Pitchers generally walk to the dugout rather then running like the other fields to preserve energy. A pitcher is close enough to the dugout to where he will no hold up the game by walking, and is often times trying to burn as little energy as possible, so they can be more effective pitching. The same goes for why they dont run hard to 1st base on easy ground ball outs

If a ball goes over third base and hits the foul line and goes into fair play is it a foul ball?

NO - if it hits the line after the base and comes into play, it's fair. NO - if it hits the line after the base it's fair.

Can a batter get out after a walk?

Yes, the ball is live, so there are several ways the batter-runner could be called out after a walk. One would be if he goes from the batter's box into the dugout; another would be if he goes to 1st base, then rounds it and is tagged. I'm sure there are more.

What does it mean if your boyfriend goes to 2nd base?

it means your bf is good at baseball

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