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it's a lever because there is a fruculm on the end effort and force im the middle and resistance at the top

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Q: Baseball bat with the 3 classes of a lever?
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Related questions

What class lever is the baseball bat?

class 3

What class lever is a cricket bat?

it is class 3

What is a -3 baseball bat?

A -3 Bat is a bat where the weight is equal to the height minus 3 So if you had a 34 inch bat, the weight would be 31 oz.

What is the length of an average baseball bat?

the average size of a baseball bat is approximately 3 Ft.

What type of bat is used in high school baseball?

High school baseball players have to use a -3 bat.

How much is a baseball bat?

Baseball bat prices will depend based on which bat you get and what size the bat is. Baseball bats can go from $50 all the way up to the current most expensive adult (-3) baseball bat which is $700. My suggestion is that you find out what size you need and then go to websites like, , , or visit your local Sporting Goods Store for that baseball bat. Good Luck!!!

What baseball bat can you use in middle school?

You must use a -3 bat from 7th grade on.

What does 3 mean on a baseball bat?

The length minus the weight will be -3

What is the highest minus on a youth baseball bat?


Is a -3 baseball bat allowed in middle school?

Yes I used a -3 bat the past three years and so did the rest of my team.

How big is the diameter of a baseball bat?

About 3 inches at the barrel.

What minus does a pony league baseball bat have to be?

I can be -3 to -9

Does a lever change the direction of the applied force?

Sometimes. There are 3 'classes' of levers, some change the direction of force and some do not.

What is the smallest size bat you can use in high school baseball?

I think that you HAVE to use a -3 bat in High School, and smaller bat would be against the rules.

What is the circumference of a Baseball Bat?

The circumference of a major league baseball bat is 8.64 inches. A bat can not have a diameter greater than 2 3/4 inches (2.75) multiply by Pi (3.1415), and you end up with 8.64 inches around.

What does the -13 mean on baseball bats?

it's the length compared to weight. -3 bat means 33inch 30oz bat

What does -3 -5 -11 ect mean on a baseball bat?

That number (-3, -5) is called the bat 'weight drop' and is the difference in ounces of bat weight versus inches in bat length. For example, a 33 inch long bat that weighs 30 ounces is a -3. A 33 inch bat that weighs 28 ounces is a -5. A 34 inch bat that weighs 27 ounces is a -7.

Is their a minus 6 or minus 7 baseball available?

I think you mean baseball bat. In the younger leagues you can get a bat that is a drop 10. In the older leagues, it is usually a drop 3.

What sport use a lever 3 output?

baseball, hockey, golf, etc.

Estimate the length of a baseball bat and mass of a baseball?

the weight of a baseball is 5oz a normal bat in the mlb is 33 to 36in

Is the Easton Stealth Speed baseball bat legal for high school?

No it is not bbcor certified. If it says bbcor on a -3 bat it is legal

Is there a way to play doom 3 classic without full doom 3?

can you hit a baseball off the ground without a bat? No. So you have to buy the bat.

What is a drop 3 baseball bat?

a drop three means its like a 33 inch bat and 30 ounce bat and if you minuts 30 from 33 you get -3 which means drop three. I know because we use them in Junior High.

Are -3 bats allowed in Junior High baseball?

Yes, its the standard bat

What is a lever and 3 classes of levers?

A lever is a rigid bar that is free to rotate, or pivot, on a fixed point. The fixed point on a lever is a fulcrum. Frist-Class Levers Secound-Class Levers Third-Class Levers